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They can send nutrients to neighbouring trees in need and warn each other of environmental threats, like insect infestations and… orc invasions.


  • GPT-5 is round the corner

  • Apple gets sued!

  • Learn about one of AI’s hottest startups


OpenAI is gearing up to launch its latest creation, GPT-5, this summer.

Insiders hint at a significant upgrade, teasing demos to big clients that showcase tailored improvements and hint at new, yet-to-be-revealed, including smart AI agents ready to tackle tasks on their own.

While the release date isn’t set in stone, the development process is in full swing.

GPT-5 is currently being fine-tuned and will undergo rigorous safety checks and testing phases to ensure it’s up to snuff.

This meticulous preparation is crucial as the company aims to avoid any hitches that could delay the launch.

Enterprise clients bring the big bucks

OpenAI leans heavily on the enterprise version of ChatGPT, which produces most of the company’s revenue.

This move is part of OpenAI’s strategy to not just innovate but also solidify its position in the tech landscape under Sam Altman’s leadership.

Last year, OpenAI updated ChatGPT-4, making it faster and more accurate.

They also introduced GPT-4 Turbo to address the model’s occasional reluctance to respond, a challenge commonly referred to as “laziness”.

Training these AI models involves sifting through vast amounts of web data to mimic human-like responses.

However, the quality of these interactions can vary based on the data used for training.

Can GPT-5 hit the mark?

Recent feedback from users suggests that improvements are needed, and there’s hope that GPT-5 will mark a significant step forward in reliability and performance.

One of the ongoing debates in tech involves the use of copyrighted data for training AI, a complex issue that OpenAI and others are navigating as they develop these advanced technologies.

We’re all for AI advancements, but GPT-5 rolling out feels like giving a toddler a flamethrower. On the one hand, it's exciting! Imagine the possibilities! On the other hand... well, have you ever seen a toddler with a crayon?

Will GPT-5 surpass expectations?

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RAD AI is a new tech startup that’s already powering the marketing efforts of some of the world’s biggest brands.

It's been called the “essential AI” for brands looking to attract new audiences and boost ROI on marketing efforts.

Over 25B pieces of content are exchanged daily across the web. This data is what the $633B marketing technology and analytics industry is fundamentally built on.

RAD AI’s technology analyzes all of this data for the sole purpose of helping brands deliver content and ROI

It’s tripled revenue, attracting clients like MGM, Skechers, and Sweetgreen, and raised $27M from 6,500+ backers, including VCs and leaders at Google, Amazon, and Meta

Get in while shares last!

In only 84 days, Nvidia went from $1T to $2T in value. That's the market power of AI. Now is the time to add AI to your portfolio!

For a limited time, all investors qualify for 15% bonus shares - but the funding round is filling up fast!

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The U.S. government, with support from 16 states, is suing Apple.

They say Apple has unfairly controlled the smartphone world, making it hard for any competitors to keep up.

This lawsuit highlights Apple's restrictive practices, such as hindering the development of all-in-one apps and obstructing gaming apps that could bypass the need for Apple hardware.

It accuses Apple of degrading messaging quality with non-Apple devices and limiting compatibility with third-party smartwatches and payment applications.

No Apple! Bad Apple!

The aim is to shake up how Apple does things, arguing that its tight grip is bad for customers and other companies.

This isn't just about Apple; it's part of a bigger look at how a few big tech companies might be too powerful.

Apple insists they're all about delivering top-notch products and that this lawsuit misses the mark, arguing it could mess with the quality and security they're known for.

This case adds to the ongoing conversation about big tech's role in our lives and whether they play fair in the digital playground.

Why is everyone suing everyone lately? Yesterday it was France, today, USA.

Competition breeds innovation, and if Apple gets forced to loosen its grip a little, maybe we'll all finally get folding iPhones that don't cost a small fortune (one can dream, right?).

But seriously, this case could have big implications for consumer choice and the future of the tech industry.

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