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  • Microsoft snagged a Google personnel.

  • Bots are getting trained to communicate with each other.

  • Learn how Taplio propelled our CEO to over 50,000 LinkedIn followers!


Microsoft has appointed Mustafa Suleyman, a key player in British AI from DeepMind, to lead a new AI division.

Suleyman helped start DeepMind, which Google bought, making it a leading part of their AI research.

Now, he’s taking charge at Microsoft AI, focusing on improving products for users and conducting research with his team from Inflection AI startup.

This is a big deal for Microsoft, already making strides in AI through its investment in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

Your emails are about to write themselves

The goal is to make tools like Copilot and the Bing browser smarter, helping with tasks from writing emails to creating presentations.

Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, praises Suleyman for his vision and ability to lead teams toward big goals.

With new talents from Inflection AI, including Karen Simonyan as chief scientist, Microsoft aims to speed up its AI projects.

The tech world is buzzing with AI developments, with Google expanding its AI and Apple potentially integrating Google’s AI into its products.

Inflection AI, boosted by massive investment from Microsoft and Nvidia, is a rising star in the AI field.

Suleyman, who has a diverse background and recently wrote a book on AI’s future, emphasises the need for caution and more research into AI safety.

He’s all about making bold predictions and working towards enduring AI development in a way that is suitable for everyone - this is a big move - Google execs probably have their heads in their hands right now.

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Scientists at the University of Geneva have made a big leap in AI by developing an AI that can learn tasks and then explain them to another AI, which can then do those tasks too.

This is a big deal because it's kind of like how we humans can quickly understand new things and then explain them to someone else.

This research was shared in Nature Neuroscience and adds a new layer to AI, allowing it to communicate and learn in a more human-like way.

Led by Professor Alexandre Pouget, the team focused on making AI better at understanding and using language.

They've tackled a problem where AI could mix words to make text or pictures but struggled to turn a spoken or written command into an action, and then teach that action to another AI.

To solve this, they upgraded an AI model named S-Bert and connected it to a simpler network that acts like the parts of our brain that handle language.

This allowed one AI to perform tasks based on written instructions and then describe those tasks in a way that another AI could understand and do the same thing.

Praise our robot overlords?

The AI successfully completed new tasks given by language alone 83% of the time and could teach these tasks to another AI with similar success.

This opens up new possibilities for robots to understand and perform tasks just from language instructions.

This could lead to humanoid robots that understand both us and each other. With recent investments in AI and robotics, such robots might not be too far off. It looks like the human-robot war is closer than we all thought.

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