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Today we’re talking about how Copyright laws are trying to kill AI… as well as AI being used for terrorist recruitment. It’s a good one!

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.

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Copyright could be AI’s biggest challenge in 2024.

A new analysis from Reuters breaks down the major lawsuits facing AI companies and how they could change AI forever…

The lawsuits

Several groups of authors including George R R Martin have filed a copyright lawsuit against OpenAI claiming it has unlawfully “read” their books and is able to reproduce content from them.

This is in addition to a massive lawsuit from the New York Times that was recently filed, again claiming that ChatGPT reproduces copyrighted content.

The plaintiffs are not only seeking compensation but also want AI models to be blocked from training on their content.

What the AI companies are praying for…

AI’s defence

The AI companies have brought out the big guns. They’ve got teams and teams of lawyers arguing that AI models act the same way humans do - and that it all falls under “fair use

Meta’s defence?

“Just as a child learns language by hearing everyday speech, bedtime stories, songs on the radio, and so on, a model 'learns' language by being exposed — through training — to massive amounts of text” - will that hold up in court?

They also argue that huge lawsuits could severely hamper or restrict AI development in the US.

Who will reign victorious in the end?


This is the big copyright battle we’ve been waiting for. I can’t imagine judges will look favourably on the AI tech companies - but maybe they can squeak through with a fair use defence?


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Our Reader’s Thoughts

“I think that AI is only at the beginning of its his, hence time has not come yet to claim (for anybody, for that matter) that "It's too late!” - moreau

“Think of it as Yahoo and Google. When the internet started taking off Yahoo was the big dog but years later Google became King. I think AI will do the same thing. ChatGPT might be big now but in 1, 3, 5 years from now there will probably be a new player in town that is preferred by the masses.” - bsmith


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A UK government official has warned that AI could be used to recruit terrorists. The warning comes after an AI chatbot supposedly attempted to recruit him to Islamic State!

Jonathan Hall KC is the government advisor on terror laws and found many “terrorist” bots online - including one that tried to recruit him.

How did this happen?

This wasn’t ChatGPT. This was a bot somebody had made, which had the persona of a leader of IS.

The bot espoused its love for terrorism, bombings, and its dedication to the terrorist group.

The bot attempted to “recruit” him… although the article doesn’t make it clear how this actually happened. I doubt this was a serious attempt to recruit a terrorist.


Clickbait… This is someone’s idea of a sick joke. But I don’t doubt in future that AI will be used for this sort of thing. The question is, is it really practicle?


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