What is Mindstream, anyway?

It’s simple. We’re Mindstream! We’re a daily (and we mean 7 days a week) artificial intelligence (AI) newsletter, that condenses the most relevant news, tips, insights and more into a lighthearted and easy-to-digest daily read.

We run daily polls, feature the best AI art, and publish the opinions of our huge readership.

We launched on June 1st 2023 and have seen rapid growth since then, as our AI newsletter has rapidly become the information source of choice for many around the world! We now reach over 130,000 people every single day!

AI is going to change our lives as dramatically as the internet or smartphones did. Staying ahead isn’t just good to know - without it, you’ll be left behind.

Stay on top of artificial intelligence with Mindstream!

Who runs Mindstream?

Mindstream is headed by a three-man team:

CEO and Co-founder

CCO and Co-founder

CTO and Co-founder

We also have a growing team supporting us behind the scenes!

Don’t get your AI news anywhere else - you won’t enjoy it as much as Mindstream, we promise.