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Hey there friends! How’s Tuesday so far?

Bots could be meddling with elections though big techs are countering it.

And AI isn’t very eco-friendly right now.

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Tech bigwigs like Adobe, Amazon, and Google have committed at the Munich Security Conference to combat the misuse of AI in elections.

Alongside them are 12 other companies, including Elon Musk's X, who have joined the pledge to address the challenges posed by AI technologies.

Robots need rules too

They're targeting AI deepfakes that can trick voters by mimicking politicians or spreading fake voting info - particularly crucial in a year when an estimated 49% of the entire population will head to the polls.

Their plan involves a set of rules focused on stopping these AI tricks on public platforms, ensuring it doesn't hinder research or business.

The effort recognises other threats like misinformation and cybersecurity, urging everyone - from tech firms to voters - to join in protecting democracy.

Misinformation Crusade

The aim is to develop tech to identify and block fake content, share smart solutions, and keep people informed about AI risks in elections.

It's about being ahead of the game, educating, and building defence tools.

This initiative is timely, considering past issues such as fake AI calls imitating President Biden.

With elections coming up in over 50 countries, this effort aims to safeguard electoral integrity in the face of AI challenges.

Our View:

Let the AI Election wars begin.

Who do you trust more to protect election integrity?

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In today's digital age, AI's hefty appetite for power is a hot topic.

Behind the cool features we enjoy, like smart email summaries or quirky videos, lies a significant energy bill.

The exact cost?

Well, that's a bit of a mystery.

Despite efforts to pin it down, AI's real energy use is still a mystery, thanks to the wide range of machine learning models and big tech's tight lips.

Microsoft is on a quest to better understand and reduce the carbon footprint of AI, aiming for more efficient systems.

Yet, the likes of OpenAI and Meta are keeping quiet on the subject.

Eco-Friendly or Energy Fiend?

Training AI models like GPT-3 uses a ton of electricity, far more than traditional data centres.

In fact, training GPT-3 used as much power as 130 US homes in a year. And that’s just a one, single, obsolete model.

The size and complexity of AI models are ballooning, demanding ever more power.

Yet, there's hope that energy-saving strategies could curb this trend.

The Challenge?

As AI turns into big business, companies are staying silent, clouding the energy costs of advanced models.

Amid this secrecy, a ray of insight comes from research into the energy cost of "inference" – when AI models are put to work by users.

Preliminary findings suggest that while most AI tasks sip modest amounts of energy, image generation can be particularly thirsty.

However, energy use varies by task and model size, showing the tricky balance between AI's power and its abilities.

AI’s carbon footprint

The conversation around AI's energy consumption isn't just academic.

It ties into broader concerns about our digital footprint, reminiscent of debates around the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies.

With AI's energy demands potentially making up a significant slice of global consumption soon, it's a topic that demands our attention.

Efforts to clarify and cut AI's energy use are in progress, including suggested energy ratings for AI models and a deeper look at AI's use.

The goal is to be able to navigate the fine line between harnessing AI's potential and safeguarding our planet's resources.

Our View:

Let’s get AI to work on how it can reduce its own power consumption - I’m a genius!

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