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🕵🏼 AI is spying on you at work...

+ Taylor Swift AI fools fans 💃


Hello, Wednesday! Hang in there, we’re almost there!

Workers are getting sick of AI watching them at work…

And did Taylor Swift really dupe her fans with AI?!

Oh, and we found you an AI to help scale your business.

Here is what you need to know about AI today.

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Did you know that your workplace activities can be monitored by AI?

The AI boom in 2023 stirred up some major concerns about employers greenlighting with tech surveillance on their workers.

From algorithms giving the boot without a human nod to software timing your breaks.

For example, call centres are using AI to grade how well employees stick to scripts…

It’s no wonder workers are feeling a bit uneasy about this!

The big problem…

These high-tech spies aren’t flawless and workers aren’t robots. We all know we don’t work 100% of the time - it would be impossible to focus for that long.

So why is AI making us feel like we have to work more than we already did?

A professor at Cornell, Virginia Doellgast, warns that transparency is often MIA, leaving workers in the dark about what data these tools are fishing out and how it affects their performance evaluations.

Employees are scared

A survey by the American Psychological Association found that employees worry these surveillance tactics could affect worker’s mental health and make them feel less valued. 

In Europe, unions have been on the ball, pushing for protection against intrusive AI tracking.

Meanwhile, in the US, lawmakers are joining the fight, like in NYC’s “first-in-the-nation” law requiring independent audits for bias in their AI tools.

The goal is to not halt progress, but to ensure that workers benefit from AI advancements, rather than feeling it is making their lives worse.

Our View:

The future of AI is for it to work WITH us, not against us, but we should still keep an eye on it.

Would it freak you out to have bots spying on your work?

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A new deepfake has fooled Taylor Swift fans worldwide…

But what was she doing in the fake advert you might wonder?

Giving away Le Creuset cookware of all things!

Deepfakes strike again

The ad showcased a fake Taylor Swift voice promoting a cookware giveaway on Facebook and Instagram.

Meta confirmed that it’s been removed from the platform and Le Creuset made it clear they had nothing to do with it, telling fans to stick to official accounts for that type of content.

The era of AI has lowered the bar for content creation, making it super easy to produce deepfake ads that slip through the cracks. 

Taylor is NOT alone in this AI-generated saga. 

Celebs like Tom Hanks and Scarlett Johansson have faced similar issues. 

They both took to social media and considered legal action against the offending app.

Looking ahead, there’s a glimmer of hope for those wronged by AI shenanigans. 

A bipartisan group of senators proposed the “No Fakes Act” in October, aiming to provide legal resources for those who have their likeness hijacked without permission.

Our View:

Is anybody else dreading election deepfakes? Don’t believe anything you see…


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