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Zuckerberg's shocking AI predictions

+ Alibaba Cloud just changed AI forever

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What’s in store:

  • Zuckerberg says there shouldn’t be a “One true AI”.

  • Alibaba Cloud launches massive AI rollout.

  • Around the web: YouTube is expanding Premium plans, adding regional options and sharing benefits.

  • Guidde makes creating documentation easy!

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions a future with diverse AI systems, not a single dominant AI.

In a recent interview, he emphasised the importance of open-source AI tools over proprietary systems.

Zuckerberg criticises the idea of “one true AI,” comparing it to a tech version of creating God.

He argues that just as people don’t rely on a single app or creator, there shouldn’t be just one AI.

Instead, he envisions multiple AIs reflecting different interests.

Here are the latest updates:

  • Zuckerberg advocates for multiple, open-source AIs.

  • Meta tests AI avatars on Instagram.

  • Future tech includes smart glasses and holographic displays.

No single AI ruler

Meta recently announced early tests of its AI Studio in the U.S., allowing creators to build AI avatars for Instagram’s messaging system.

These AIs can interact with followers but will be clearly labelled to avoid confusion.

Zuckerberg also discussed Meta’s Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, predicting a future with three types of AI-enhanced glasses: display-less smart glasses, heads-up displays, and full holographic displays.

He believes these will coexist with smartphones, enhancing rather than replacing them.

Without a deal, Meta loses the ability to potentially billions of iPhone users worldwide.

But it appears that Meta’s plan B is to build technology that expands beyond the smartphone.

The progress with Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses shows their path may converge with full holographic displays, but the former will be more appealing in the near term.

Not having a display keeps costs down.

Meta’s smart glasses are around $300, while the Meta Quest Pro is $1,000.

Zuckerberg said there will be three different products ahead of convergence: display-less smart glasses, a heads-up display, and full holographic displays.

Instead of neural interfaces connected to the brain, people might wear a wristband that picks up signals from the brain communicating with their hand, allowing them to type by barely moving their hand.

These new inputs and AI experiences may not instantly replace smartphones.

“The new platform usually doesn’t completely replace the old one; you just use it less,” he said.

For instance, people currently use smartphones for tasks they did on computers 10 to 15 years ago.

“I think that’s going to happen with glasses too,” he said. “It’s not like we’re going to stop having a phone. It’s just that it’s going to stay in your pocket, and you’ll take it out when you really need to. But more and more, I think people will just start saying, ‘Hey, I can take this photo with my glasses. I can ask this question to AI, or I can send someone a message — it’s just a lot easier with glasses.”

He added that in 10 years, we might still have phones, but their usage is likely to become much more intentional rather than just reflexively reaching for them.

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Alibaba Cloud is taking its AI offerings worldwide by launching an international version of ModelScope, its open-source AI model community.

This move aims to bring generative AI to businesses and developers globally.

ModelScope, Alibaba Cloud's "Model-as-a-Service," offers AI models as ready-to-use services.

Launched in China in 2022, it’s curently the largest AI model community there, with over five million developers.

With this global rollout, developers everywhere can use more than 5,000 advanced AI models.

ModelScope also encourages user-contributed models, creating a collaborative AI development environment.

The key features will be:

  • Availability of over 1,500 high-quality Chinese-language datasets

  • Extensive toolkits for data processing

  • Modules for customising model inference, training, and evaluation with minimal coding

From China to the world

The English ModelScope was unveiled at the 2024 CVPR Conference in Seattle, a premier event in AI and machine learning.

Alibaba also showcased its Qwen model series, demonstrating impressive image and video generation capabilities.

As businesses and developers worldwide increasingly seek to harness the power of AI, platforms like ModelScope are set to play a crucial role in democratising advanced AI capabilities.

With its extensive collection of models, datasets, and development tools, Alibaba Cloud’s ModelScope will help accelerate AI innovation and adoption on a global scale.

Alibaba Cloud bringing AI to everyone—because why should tech giants have all the fun?

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