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Today, LinkedIn AI expert Jo Lambadjieva has put together an article diving into Meta’s big AI moves. Take it away Jo!

Hey there! I wanted to do a round-up of some of the main things Meta is cooking in terms of AI, as there are lots of fascinating things going in behind the scenes, pushing them forward in the AI space.

Here's what's new and why it matters:

All the imagery:

AI Stickers: Say hello to personalized stickers! Using Llama 2 and Emu models, you can now turn text prompts into stickers for all Meta messaging apps.

Image Editing Tools on Instagram: Check out 'Restyle' and 'Backdrop'. Restyle lets you apply artsy filters to your images. Backdrop? It completely changes your photo backgrounds.

Meta is obviously trying to get as much as possible additional user engagement and further boost content on the platform.

More content = more ad slots to sell!

Assistants and characters

Meta AI Assistant: This is a full-on conversational AI assistant, backed by Llama 2. Need info? It fetches it via Bing. Want unique images? Just prompt it. And it's not just for your phone – it's hitting Ray-Ban smart glasses and Quest 3 too.

AI Characters: Meta's bringing to life 28 AI characters, each with their own flair. Celebs like Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner are joining in, giving voices to their AI alter egos.

This is rolling out first in the US, but the question is how successful it would be - given that most of the users interacting with the chatbots at first were confused as to why these AIs were alter egos and not named after the original celeb.

That started a whole convo around authenticity and misleading content.

Open Source & Partnerships

Llama 2 Goes Public: Meta's latest language model, Llama 2, is now open source. That means everyone can use it – businesses, creators, you name it. It's available on platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Hugging Face. The idea behind open source? To democratize the access and development of AI. Is Llama really open source though- that’s come under question quite a lot.

Microsoft's Preferred Partnership: Yep, Microsoft and Meta are getting even closer. Microsoft Azure is now the preferred cloud for Llama 2, hinting at some cool integrations ahead!

Thanks Jo!

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Santa’s mysterious disappearance..

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AI has had an incredible year in healthcare. Let’s take a quick look at some of the big changes we’ve seen.

Dr. AI

Google Health and WHO stepped up big time with AI-powered smartphone apps to diagnose diseases in underprivileged areas.

These apps can diagnose malaria, tuberculosis, and COVID-19 by analyzing medical test images.

Meanwhile, DeepMind and the UK National Health Service are fighting the good fight against antibiotic resistance.

Their AI system keeps a watchful eye on antibiotic usage, offering alternative treatments and keeping the drug-resistance at bay.

AI healthcare goes mainstream

Amazon and CVS Health started deploying AI for patients.

They're personalizing medication for chronic conditions with AI.

This service is a game-changer, tailoring drug doses and frequencies based on wearables and health records data, making it easier to live with these conditions.

Research reaches a new level

In medical research, OpenAI and Pfizer are breaking new ground.

They've created a platform that dreams up new drug discovery hypotheses!

And how many exciting experiments have shown AI boosts health outcomes?

It’s been a simply unbelievable year for AI in healthcare!


I can’t wait to see how healthcare changes in 2024.


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