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What’s in store:

  • Wimbledon fights online hate with AI.

  • Can AI really predict Alzheimer's?

  • Around the web: Waymo vehicle drives into oncoming traffic due to construction.

  • Skill Leap is the Netflix of AI!

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For the first time, Wimbledon is employing AI to protect its players from online abuse.

An AI-driven service now monitors players' public social media profiles, flagging threats and abusive comments in 35 languages.

Notable players like Emma Raducanu and Naomi Osaka have deleted social media apps due to online abuse.

Harriet Dart, the British No. 2, also limits her social media use because of the negativity she encounters.

Wimbledon's tournament director, Jamie Baker, introduced the AI system Threat Matrix, developed by Signify Group.

This service, which will also be used at the US Open, scans social media for harmful content, helping the security team to act on issues that arise.

Here’s what happened:

  • AI service monitors 35 languages for abusive content.

  • Threat Matrix helps Wimbledon’s security team address online abuse.

  • Players can opt for additional private message scanning.

AI takes the court

The service includes human monitors and allows players to have private messages scanned for abuse.

Wimbledon collaborates with the players if threats are found and may report to tech companies or the police.

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) has noted a rise in online bullying of female players and is urging social media companies to improve platform safety.

Clearly, deleting Instagram isn’t the only solution.

Do you think AI will finally keep online trolls in check?

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Researchers at Boston University have developed an AI tool that predicts Alzheimer’s disease risk with nearly 80% accuracy by analysing speech patterns.

Using a natural language processing model, the team studied 166 participants, aged 63 to 97, who had mild cognitive complaints.

This cohort included 107 women and 59 men, all part of the Framingham Heart Study.

They found that by combining speech-recognition tools and machine learning, they could link speech patterns to cognitive decline, achieving 78.5% prediction accuracy.

Here’s what the key bits:

  • High prediction accuracy can lead to early intervention.

  • Alzheimer’s affects over 55 million people globally.

  • Early detection offers more treatment options and personalized care plans.

A medical breakthrough

Dr. Melissa Lee from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation praised the study, noting the potential for even greater accuracy with larger datasets.

Dementia impacts more than 55 million people worldwide, with up to 70% having Alzheimer’s.

This condition is marked by memory loss, cognitive issues, and behavioural changes due to brain cell loss.

Without a cure, treatment focuses on medication, lifestyle changes, and support.

Emer MacSweeney, CEO and consultant neuroradiologist at ReHealth, highlighted AI's potential in early Alzheimer’s detection.

This could enable earlier treatment, remote cognitive assessments, and better resource allocation for healthcare providers.

However, the accuracy rate of nearly 80% does raise concerns.

There’s a risk of false positives or negatives, leading to stress or misdiagnosis.

Experts advise using AI alongside other diagnostic tools for a more accurate assessment.

That’s the best AI news we’ve heard so far!

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