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What’s in store:

  • AI can predict heart attacks before they happen.

  • There’s an AI spoon that can count your calories.

  • Around the web: Apple explores robotics under John Giannandrea, potentially introducing simpler robots soon.

  • Adopt AI with TeamGPT.

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An AI system that can predict heart attacks up to 10 years in advance could soon be implemented across Britain, potentially saving thousands of lives each year.

This technology is currently under review by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), with a decision expected by the end of the year.

Prof Charalambos Antoniades, leading the Oxford Risk Factors And Non-Invasive Imaging (Orfan) study, stated that this AI has shown promising results in trials at various UK hospitals.

If adopted nationwide, it could significantly reduce early heart attacks and heart disease fatalities.

The AI system improves CT scan images to detect hidden arterial damage caused by inflammation.

It uses data on coronary plaques and fat changes around inflamed arteries to assess the likelihood of a fatal cardiac event within the next decade.

Originally based on US studies, the system has been validated with data from 40,000 UK patients, showing that high inflammation in coronary arteries correlates with severe cardiac risk.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Widespread testing: The AI has been tested in hospitals across the UK with highly encouraging results.

  • Significant findings: Current CT scans miss vital signs of future heart problems in about 80% of patients without visible arterial blockages.

  • Preventative treatments: AI can identify hidden risks, enabling preventative treatments like anti-inflammatory drugs to be administered.

It sees 10 years ahead

Funded by the British Heart Foundation, the study revealed that in 45% of cases, AI analysis led to changes in patient treatment, such as higher doses of statins or anti-inflammatory drugs.

The technology is also under review in the US and approved in Europe for clinical use.

This AI technology has the potential to revolutionise heart disease prevention, ensuring more effective treatments and saving lives on a significant scale.

An Apple a day keeps the AI away.

Do you think it can revolutionise healthcare?

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Enterprises without company-wide AI adoption lose 30% revenue.

The others use Team-GPT.

Team-GPT is a leading collaboration software that enterprises use to democratize AI to 1000s of employees. Choose between a range of LLMs deployed on-prem or any cloud provider.

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Would you get an AI spoon? Maybe not. But, this isn’t just any old spoon, it can count your calories exactly by watching every mouthful you take.

Okay, the magic is actually in the cameras that watch you, but the system tracks every spoonful of food you take - with shocking accuracy.

It is the brainchild of scientists in Canada, who maybe need reminding the rest of us eat more than just maple syrup by the teaspoon.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Canadian scientists have built an AI that tracks how much you eat.

  • It’s accurate within 4.4% but can just measure spoonfuls.

  • It will soon be able to recognise a wide range of foods.

The next dieting fad?

The system is able to track the volume of food you eat with a 4.4% margin of error, making it impressively accurate.

However, it is currently unable to identify what food is on the spoon, but the scientists are promising this is coming soon - and that their system will be able to identify a wide range of foods.

They even claim it will be able to identify foods it has never seen before, eventually.

A nightmare for those people who hate it when people watch them eat.


This AI company is set to disrupt the $4.1 trillion hospitality industry and is offering you a limited-time opportunity to invest before its round closes on June 18th.

Jurny and its AI platform are purpose-built to automate up to 90% of hotel and short-term rental backend operations, targeting $1 trillion in inefficiencies.

Partnered with industry giants like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia, Jurny’s technology already automates operations for thousands of properties worldwide.

  • 5x customer growth last year alone

  • $12 million raised from top VCs and 1,200+ investors

  • Featured by CNBC Squawk Box, Forbes, Bloomberg, Skift and many others

  • In just six months since its rollout, Jurny's AI has autonomously managed every aspect of guest communications for over 143,000 reservations

You can invest alongside elite VCs…

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