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Monday is here, but do not fear - it’s time for Mindstream!

A company is cooking up robot butlers for us - with AI.

And Google has built a image-to-VIDEO GAME generator. Seriously!

Also, we have some FRESH tools for you to try out today!

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Figure, a startup less than two years old and without any products yet, is making headlines for attracting big investors.

We’re talking Jeff Bezos, Microsoft, and Nvidia. Why? To help achieve its plan to create robots that look and work like humans!

They've teamed up with OpenAI to make these robots smarter using AI.

This partnership, backed by a massive $675 million investment, aims to put advanced AI into robots, making them more useful in everyday life.

Oh look, Robot roommates

OpenAI will provide special AI models to make these robots understand and use language, speeding up Figure's progress towards selling these robots.

They've even got a deal with BMW to start using these robots in a car factory, though it's still early days.

Experts are divided on whether making robots look like humans is the best approach, as designing robotic arms and legs that work well has been a big challenge.

However, Figure and OpenAI believe there's a big future in robots that can blend into human environments more easily.

OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, mentioned they're getting back into robotics after a break, focusing first on making AI smart before worrying about how to fit it into a robot body.

This move with Figure is a big step towards bringing intelligent, human-like robots into our daily lives, showing they're ready to tackle previous challenges head-on.

Our View:

Figure is trying to turn your living room into a scene from Westworld.

Would you trust a robot that looks just like you to help you around the house?

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5 AI Tools to Start Your Week

Every Monday we give you a list of AI tools to try to kickstart your week!

Bluedot*: Record all your Google Meet meetings and get spot-on transcripts and sharp notes—no bots, no missed details. Try the Free Chrome Extension!

Hugging Face's Transformers: Provides thousands of pre-trained models to perform tasks on texts such as classification, information extraction, question answering, summarization, translation, and text generation.

IBM Watson: Offers a suite of enterprise-ready AI services, applications, and tooling, including Watson Assistant for building conversational interfaces into applications.

Azure AI: A set of AI services and cognitive APIs to help you build intelligent apps using capable machine learning algorithms and AI software services.

Algorithmia: Provides a serverless microservices architecture for AI/ML models, allowing developers to deploy AI at scale without needing to manage the infrastructure.


Google's DeepMind has launched Google Genie, a groundbreaking AI tool that creates playable “virtual worlds” from a single image.

The AI has been trained on 200,000 hours of video game footage from YouTube.

Players can jump straight into controlling characters in these newly created worlds.

Google's response to Gemini's challenges

After the mixed reception of Google's previous AI chatbot, Gemini, which faced criticism for potential bias and inaccuracies, Google is bouncing back with Genie.

The earlier issues with Gemini sparked significant discussion, with critiques from industry figures about its image-generation capabilities being particularly controversial.

With Genie and the improvements seen in Gemini 1.5, Google is actively addressing the feedback and setbacks encountered with Gemini, showcasing their commitment to refining their AI technologies.

The question is - can they catch up to Microsoft, who have managed to ride the AI wave to incredible new heights?

Our View:

The future of gaming has arrived… maybe.

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