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Would you vote for an AI candidate?

+ Yahoo revives artifact app

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The Eiffel Tower was initially intended for Barcelona, but was rejected by the Spanish. What’s the worst thing you ever passed up?

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What’s in store:

  • Would you vote for an AI candidate?

  • Yahoo vowing to make news more digestible.

  • Around the web: Tesla shareholders approved Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package.

  • Create an AI clone of yourself with Delphi!

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An AI candidate, “AI Steve,” is on the ballot for the UK's general election next month.

Backed by businessman Steve Endacott, this AI aims to engage constituents in Brighton Pavilion.

Endacott, chairman of Neural Voice, a company creating AI voice assistants, is pushing the boundaries of traditional politics with this innovative approach.

Endacott states that while he is the human candidate, he is guided by AI Steve, ensuring voters' voices are constantly heard.

AI Steve can answer policy questions and consider public opinions through a dedicated website.

If a policy query is new, the AI researches and prompts voters to suggest policies.

Here’s what you should know:

  • AI Steve engages constituents continuously through AI technology.

  • Validators score policies weekly, directly influencing party policy.

  • AI Steve allows voter concerns to be addressed without traditional campaigning.

The future of UK democracy?

Endacott is targeting locals, especially those with long commutes, to become "validators" who score policies weekly.

Policies with over 50% approval become official party policies.

This approach, he believes, keeps him directly connected to voters, making their decisions his own.

Last weekend, AI Steve sparked significant interest online, receiving around 1,000 calls in one night.

Top voter concerns included local issues like rubbish bins, bicycle lanes and immigration.

Endacott argues that AI Steve allows him to address thousands of potential constituents daily without traditional campaigning.

While aligning closely with the Green Party, Endacott’s Smarter U.K. party wasn't registered in time for this election.

His main goal is to push for carbon emission reductions.

If elected, AI Steve would be the first AI legislator, though not the first to use AI in elections, with similar attempts seen in Wyoming and Denmark.

Endacott emphasises that AI Steve isn't about replacing human politicians but enhancing democracy by maintaining continuous voter engagement.

Who needs door-knocking when you’ve got an AI to do the talking?

Would you ever vote for an AI?

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June 15th 1844 - Charles Goodyear receives a patent for vulcanisation, a process to strengthen rubber, which revolutionises the rubber industry and paves the way for inventions such as the pneumatic tyre.

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Mystery Link…

We don’t know where it goes either…


Artifact is out, and Yahoo’s new app is in.

The news aggregation app built by Instagram's Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger will power Yahoo’s new News app, available on iOS and Android.

The Yahoo News app offers an AI-powered personalised news feed, tailored to users' interests.

It features Key Takeaways, providing bullet summaries of news articles for those who want quick info.

Here are the main features:

  • Personalised news feed based on interests.

  • Customisation options for keywords and publishers.

  • AI improvements for better headlines.

Smarter news, better headlines

Other highlights include Top Stories, showcasing trending articles, soon with key takeaway summaries.

You can block stories with specific keywords and filter out certain publishers.

Plus, the app lets you flag clickbaity headlines for AI-powered improvements.

Yahoo acquired Artifact in April, saving it from a failed attempt to pivot to a Twitter-like platform.

While not all social features are returning, the new app lets you share article excerpts and boasts a gamified “streak” feature and reader badges.

The Yahoo News website also has a fresh layout, with top news highlights, personalised recommendations, and trending topics, all available through an opt-in experience.

Maybe I’ll start using Yahoo again. Just kidding.

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