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Epic: the "Methuselah star," HD 140283. Scientific methods have pegged this ancient star at around 14.5 billion years old, which is kind of awkward: the universe itself is judged to be just 13.8 billion years old.

This star is seriously challenging what we think we know about the universe's timeline - or maybe we need to up our measuring game.


  • UK and US shaking hands on AI agreement.

  • Microsoft doing unnecessary updates.

  • Around the web: Space investment going private, and Gen Z love old games.

  • Taplio’s growth challenge pays you for growing on LinkedIn - seriously!


The UK and US are teaming up to make sure AI is safe and sound.

They’ve agreed to work together by signing a new deal.

This move follows promises made at an AI Safety Summit in November and marks a big step towards joining forces in making AI tech safer for everyone.

Best of friends?

Here’s where the partnership’s core goals are:

  • The UK and The US will align their scientific approaches to make sure they’re tackling AI safety in a coordinated way.

  • They plan to run tests on AI models together showing they’re serious about working side by side.

  • Both countries will exchange knowledge and even staff between their AI safety teams, pooling their expertise to tackle AI challenges better.

  • This partnership kicks off right away, highlighting the urgency to deal with AI’s fast pace and potential risks, while also grabbing hold of the good stuff AI can bring to our lives.

Big deal… or fluff?

Both countries are pretty happy about this, seeing it as a big moment in their long-standing friendship.

They believe that by joining hands, they can lead the way in making AI tech something that’s safe and beneficial for the whole world.

In essence, this UK-US deal is all about making sure AI grows up to be a force for good, keeping risks in check while unlocking all the helpful and amazing things AI can do for us.

This sounds good - but will it have any meaningful impact?

Are they taking it too seriously, or is it a good move?

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On This Day

3rd April 2010 - Apple Inc. releases the first generation of the iPad in the United States, revolutionising the tablet computer market and heralding a new era for personal computing.

Tool of the Week

Sybill* - An AI that summarises all your meetings, with insights, one-click follow-ups and more! A favourite of the Mindstream team! - An AI-powered tool that lets you create your own covers of popular songs in just seconds.

StableLM - An open-source language model that enables powerful natural language processing and code generation capabilities on edge devices and personal computers.

Bardeen AI - Turns your phone into a personal AI assistant that can schedule meetings, take notes, and provide updates via messaging. - An AI tool that automatically creates and optimizes Facebook ad campaigns to drive conversions for your business.


Microsoft is simplifying things for its users and regulators by separating its Teams app from the Office suite worldwide… and increasing the price of Teams.

This change, initially made in Europe due to legal pressures, is designed to make choices clearer for everyone and give businesses more control over their software purchases.

Was it even necessary?

Despite this adjustment, sparked by a complaint and ongoing investigations, the cost for new users to get Teams by itself will be $5.25.

Key changes include:

  • Teams Standalone at $5.25 for new customers, offering a direct way to use Teams without needing the full Office suite.

  • This move aims to smooth over regulatory concerns, especially with the EU, where Microsoft has faced hefty fines in the past for similar issues.

  • Despite the split, Teams' popularity hasn't wavered, showing that users stick with what they like, regardless of how it's packaged or sold.

In essence, Microsoft's strategy shift is a balancing act between meeting regulatory demands and keeping their global user base content and stable.

We prefer Slack anyway.

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AI Art

Artwork submitted by Mindstream reader Craig C “Roman Gladiators fight a Siberian tiger”

Aliens make contact with the Ancient Egyptians

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