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😳 Twitch's EMBARASSING AI U-turn

+ AI predicting patient welfare! 🏥

Good day! Welcome to another edition of Mindstream, this time on a Monday.

Twitch has done an embarrassing U-turn, and there’s yet another cool AI medical win!

Here is what you need to know about AI today in 5 minutes.
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  • 😳 Twitch’s AI U-turn

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Twitch has made a dramatic U-turn in regard to a new policy… because of the impact of AI.

On Wednesday, Twitch announced that “artistic nudity” would be allowed…

Can you see where this is going?

What happened?

AI nude imagery immediately flooded the platform almost immediately, followed by an outpouring of concern online from Twitch's art community about the volume of AI-generated nudes which began to bombard Twitch's art category.

"Upon reflection, we have decided that we went too far with this change," CEO Dan Clancy said in a statement.

Clancy also said some of the imagery that had been allowed under the new guidelines was "met with community concern".

By Friday the change was reversed. Talk about a U-turn!

Here’s how they described it…

The only thing they didn’t reverse…

The only exception remains "incidental nudity" that appears in mature-rated games, meaning games that include nudity as part of the story, etc.

In other words, the change was completely pulled.

If only we could have seen this coming…


They should have seen this coming, right? Is it really so hard to police AI-nudity?


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Yesterday’s Poll:
“Are you worried about losing your job to AI?”

Our Reader’s Thoughts

Fear is the most efficient tool to control people!” - a.tournier

“People whose jobs are dependent on repetitive tasks are at risk.” - jonathon

“It is creating an entirely new industry of employees. It is called progress, it is simply one of those big leaps vs gradual progress.” - Melissa


Start your week off right by diving into some incredible AI tools!

BeforeSunset: An AI-powered web application for calendar, task, and to-do organization. It helps plan and sync your to-do list with your calendar, optimizing workflows and providing time-tracking and analytics features.

LALAL.ai: An AI platform for high-quality stem splitting, ideal for separating vocals and instruments from any audio and video. It's useful for creating remixes, covers, and other audio content.

Jitter: A tool that simplifies the creation and editing of animated content. Jitter uses AI to automate video creation, allowing for the production of high-quality videos without extensive technical knowledge.

TLDR this: An AI-powered platform for summarizing and paraphrasing articles and web pages. It offers features like a browser extension, customizable summary lengths, and a distraction-free summary experience.

WALLET.AI: An AI tool that analyzes financial data to provide insights into financial habits, assisting in making smarter financial decisions.


In the symphony of existence, your purpose is the melody that adds beauty to the world; play it with all your heart.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.


A new AI tool is able to accurately predict how patients will fare after they undergo surgeries and other treatments.

Why is this a big deal? Currently, doctors can only make a moderate estimate at how patients will fare after surgery. AI is helping to bridge that knowledge gap.

How did they do it?

Scientists trained an AI model on pre-operative electrocardiograms.

These results were then paired with their outcomes after the surgery or procedure, and the AI was asked to find associations or patterns in the electrocardiogram waveforms.

While classifying most patients as low risk, those individuals the algorithm identified as high risk had nearly a 9-fold increased probability of post-operative mortality.

This could make a huge impact on doctors’ decisions to undertake surgery in the first place, increasing patient outcomes.


A huge AI medical win - this is what AI should be used for, more of this please.


Our Daily Image Prompt created by Mindstream reader Natalie C!

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Hopefully we made that Monday a bit more bearable. Just 4 more days until the Christmas week kicks off!

See you tomorrow!

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