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  • 🧸 Toys 'R' Us just changed movies forever with AI!

🧸 Toys 'R' Us just changed movies forever with AI!

+ OpenAI made some shocking changes

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What’s in store:

  • Toys 'R' Us at Cannes Lions because of AI-powered film promo.

  • ChatGPT Desktop App for Mac users but Windows users have to wait.

  • Around the web: Apple's self-service diagnostics expand to Europe, supporting True Tone and battery metrics for third-party iPhone parts.

  • Transform your workflow with HubSpot’s AI data analysis guide!

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Toys "R" Us has shown that artificial intelligence could revolutionise the film industry.

The renowned toy retailer premiered a short promotional film at the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival in France, created almost entirely using OpenAI’s new text-to-video tool, Sora.

Partnering with creative agency Native Foreign, Toys "R" Us claims to be the first brand to debut a film made with this technology.

The 66-second promo features a young Charles Lazarus, the founder of Toys "R" Us, who dreams of transforming toy stores with help from the brand’s mascot, Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Social media reactions were mixed, with some finding it fascinating and others labelling it “creepy.”

Here’s what happened:

  • Toys "R" Us premiered a film created using OpenAI’s Sora at the Cannes Lions Festival.

  • The promo showcases the founder's vision with Geoffrey the Giraffe, using AI-generated visuals.

  • Reactions were divided, indicating both interest and unease towards AI in film.

From toy aisles to film festivals

In addition to Sora, the production used visual effects and an original music score.

OpenAI's Sora, introduced in February, can generate realistic and imaginative videos up to 60 seconds long from simple text prompts.

It can create scenes with multiple characters, specific motions, and detailed backgrounds.

Experts suggest that such AI models could significantly shake up the digital entertainment market.

Kim Miller, CMO of Toys "R" Us Creative Studios, said the idea came from a desire to do something “fun” and “different” for their next project.

After Native Foreign tested Sora, they proposed collaborating on this innovative project.

The process required many iterations and human involvement to perfect the final product.

Miller, who has a history of adopting new technologies, believes the best way to understand tech like AI is through direct experience.

Toys "R" Us is also exploring advertising opportunities for the promo, with potential holiday versions in the works.

OpenAI has not yet announced an official release date for Sora, but it might be available later this summer.

Who’s next? Disney?

Are AI-generated films an exciting innovation or a sign of creativity's downfall?

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June 27th 2013 - NASA launches the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, a space probe to observe the Sun.

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OpenAI's recent Spring Update event revealed exciting new features for ChatGPT, including an advanced voice mode and a new desktop app.

However, there have been some delays and updates in their rollout plans.

OpenAI has postponed the alpha release of the new voice mode by a month, aiming to launch it for a small group of ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

The full rollout for all Plus customers is planned for the fall.

The team is working on improving the system’s ability to “detect and refuse certain content” to ensure safety.

Regarding the video and screen sharing capabilities, OpenAI had initially promised to deliver these in the coming weeks.

However, they have stated that the exact timelines will depend on meeting their high safety and reliability standards.

Here’s the latest updates from the event:

  • Voice mode: Delayed by one month, with a limited alpha release next month and full rollout in the fall.

  • Video and screen sharing: Timelines are pending due to safety and reliability checks.

  • Desktop app: Available for macOS, with a Windows version expected later this year.

Video and screen sharing on hold

The desktop app for ChatGPT has already been launched for macOS users.

This app allows users to open ChatGPT from anywhere by pressing Option and Space together, enabling easy interaction to chat about whatever is on your screen.

A Windows version of the app is set to arrive later this year.

These updates show OpenAI’s commitment to advancing its technology while ensuring safety and reliability for users.

Delays are the new normal, but hey, at least there's a shiny new app for Mac users!


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