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+ Neuralink cures blindness!

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The quietest spot on Earth is this anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis. It's so silent it hits -9.4 dBA, which is less noise than… silence.

People who visit can hear their own heartbeat and the sound of their lungs working. Rumour has it, you can hear yourself think too!


  • Sora is going to Hollywood soon.

  • Elon’s Neuralink helping people regain their sight.

  • Find out how we transformed our SEO with SpeedyBrand!


OpenAI is stepping into the film world, planning meetings in LA with big names in movies and media.

They want to show off Sora, their new AI tool that makes videos from text, aiming to get the movie industry on board.

Sora's still being worked on and isn't out for everyone yet, but it's already getting buzz from directors and actors.

The idea is to work together with filmmakers to bring AI into movies safely and creatively.

Ready, set, GENERATE!

There's a bit of worry in Hollywood about AI taking over jobs, with recent strikes highlighting it as a major issue.

Media companies also want to make sure they're fairly compensated if their content helps train AI.

With tech companies and startups also jumping into AI video, OpenAI is not alone in this race.

For example, Runway's AI is already popular for making early versions of movie scenes and extra footage.

OpenAI is pushing forward, hoping Sora will make a splash in how movies are made, while keeping an eye on the bigger picture of how AI fits into the creative process.

Maybe AI can finally deliver that sequel to Casablanca everyone secretly wants (looking at you, Netflix).

How do you feel about AI in filmmaking?

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Wondershare Virbo: An AI avatar video generator that converts text into professional spokesperson videos in minutes, supporting over 120 voices & languages. Utilizes ChatGPT-4 to automate customer support, enhancing team efficiency by quickly resolving inquiries.


Elon Musk's company, Neuralink, has developed a breakthrough: a brain chip that can restore sight, initially tested in monkeys.

Musk revealed on social media that their Blindsight tech has made blind monkeys see, starting with video game-like visuals.

However, it holds the potential to surpass human vision quality over time.

Neuralink showed a quadriplegic patient playing chess by thought alone, highlighting its mind-control device.

Forget glasses, get a chip

This innovation follows regulatory approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its first human trial.

The technology involves inserting flexible threads into the brain, which a robot performs due to its intricacy.

These threads capture and transmit brain activity to an app, translating it into movements.

The entire system is battery-operated and can be charged wirelessly, promising a revolutionary approach to overcoming physical limitations through technology.

Maybe Elon Musk should focus on self-driving cars that don't crash before he starts messing with our brains.

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