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Saturday, finally. How are our Mindstreamers doing?

OpenAI just dropped the biggest thing since ChatGPT.

Meanwhile, researchers have found a simple hack to make AIs even smarter.

And you get to vote on whether our image is real or AI!

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OpenAI's latest marvel, Sora, is here, immediately putting all other text-to-video generators to shame.

This is OpenAI’s first venture into text-to-video, and needless to say - it’s mind-blowing.

For now, "Sora" is in testing with the creative elite and tech sleuths, building on the foundations of the DALL-E image generator.

As tech giants race to refine AI capabilities, the potential for misuse, especially in political deception, has raised eyebrows.

Despite the industry's efforts to manage these tools responsibly, the challenge of ensuring ethical use remains, which is why the tool is off-limits for us plebs - for now at least.

Blockbuster on budget

"Sora" stands out with its unmatched video quality, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in AI-generated content.

This breakthrough has industries from film to journalism pondering AI's impact on their future.

The promise of AI in filmmaking could drastically cut costs and time, allowing for the solo creation of cinematic masterpieces - but will they have the same impact on audiences as real movies?

Ethics jumping out the window

The ethical dilemmas of using AI to mimic human creativity without proper acknowledgement looms large.

As AI continues to blend the lines between reality and fiction, recognising AI-generated content becomes increasingly crucial.

The era where realism equates to authenticity is fading, urging a reevaluation of our perceptions of genuineness in the digital age.

Our View:

And the Oscar goes to…. Sam Altman, again!

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AI Image or Real?

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Researchers have come up with a smart way to help AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, keep up with long chats without getting bogged down.

Before, when these chatbots had to handle a lot of back-and-forth in conversations, they would start to struggle and slow down.

This was due to a limitation in their "memory".

A team from MIT and other institutions found a simple but effective fix for this.

The fix involves a slight modification to the chatbot's memory system.

No more crashing mid convo!

Specifically, the key-value cache, which acts as a sort of conversation memory.

Traditionally, when this memory fills up, the oldest data gets removed to make room for new information.

This could lead to the chatbot's performance dropping.

The new method, called StreamingLLM, cleverly keeps the first few pieces of data in memory.

This step would make sure that the chatbot can continue engaging in conversation indefinitely, without needing a restart.

This approach is faster than previous methods and could make AI helpers much better at tasks that involve a lot of talking, like writing, editing, or programming.

The key to StreamingLLM's success is a trick called "attention sinks."

Essentially it is making sure the first few notes in the notebook are always there, which helps keep everything else in check.

This trick keeps the chatbot running well, even as the conversation gets long.

StreamingLLM has already been added to NVIDIA's toolkit for making AI models work better, showing it's a big deal in the world of AI.

Our View:

Can it remember my anniversary for me?

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Apple is reportedly testing AI integration into its Xcode platform to predict and generate code automatically.

AI Art

Our Daily Image Prompt submitted by Mindstream reader Patricia B “A pixel art style of a tropical beach paradise.”

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