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The human brain engages in a process called phagocytosis, where cells consume other smaller cells or molecules. This is a necessary process to maintain brain health by preserving grey matter.

What’s in store:

  • Samsung's profit surges because of AI.

  • AI can beat you in video games.

  • Around the web: CMF’s Phone 1 offers a modular, customisable design for $199.

  • Learn how to leverage AI with HubSpot!

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Samsung Electronics expects a significant profit increase for April to June 2024, driven by an AI boom that has raised advanced chip prices.

The South Korean tech giant, known for its memory chips, smartphones, and televisions, forecasts a profit rise to 10.4tn won ($7.54bn) from 670bn won last year, surpassing analysts' expectations.

This announcement boosted Samsung's shares by over 2% in early Seoul trading.

The firm had already reported a more than 10-fold profit jump for the year's first quarter.

Here’s what you should know about this:

  • Samsung forecasts a profit of 10.4tn won for Q2 2024, a 15x increase from last year.

  • AI-driven demand for advanced chips is boosting Samsung's earnings.

  • A potential worker strike looms, demanding better bonuses and time off transparency.

Profit set to soar

"Demand for AI chips in data centres and smartphones is soaring," said Marc Einstein, chief analyst at ITR Corporation.

This AI boom is contributing to a broader market rally, with chip-making giant Nvidia's market value briefly surpassing $3tn last month.

Despite the positive outlook, Samsung faces a potential three-day strike next week.

Workers are demanding a more transparent system for bonuses and time off.

Who knew making chips for AI could be such a profitable gig?

Do you think Samsung’s profit surge will continue with the AI boom?

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July 9th 1955 - Russell-Einstein Manifesto is released by Bertrand Russell in London, advocating the reduction of the risk of nuclear warfare.

Leaders in AI

Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon, an innovative singer-songwriter, developed Holly+, a digital twin that can sing in multiple languages and styles, using a neural network trained on her voice.

Launched in 2021, this technology enables users to transform their voices into Herndon's, aiming to empower artists by giving them control over their digital likenesses and creative outputs. Herndon is also a vocal advocate for artist rights in the AI realm, having initiated measures to allow artists to opt-out of AI training datasets, gaining support from major AI organisations.

Beyond her music, Herndon explores the implications of AI on art and copyright through her podcast, Interdependence, and activities like overseeing the ethical use of sold as NFTs, thereby merging technology with activism to shape a future where digital and creative rights are safeguarded.


Sony’s latest AI can beat top human players in Gran Turismo 7 using just the visuals available to players.

This is a significant leap from their 2022 mode, GT Sophy, which relied on extra information.

Kaushik Subramanian and his team last Sony developed an AI model that trains by rewarding speed and penalising errors.

Initially, it used additional information for training, but it now competes using the on-screen visuals seen by players.

Here’s what happened:

  • AI competes using player-visible information.

  • Outperformed top human drivers in 94% of test laps.

  • Needs further training for complex racing scenarios.

Leaving human drivers behind

In time trials, the AI outpaced the best human driver from 130,000 races in 94% of laps, matching GT Sophy’s performance.

However, racing against other drivers remains a challenge, according to Michael Cook from King’s College London.

The AI needs extensive retraining to handle different racing scenarios, says Georgios Yannakakis from the Institute of Digital Games in Malta.

Can’t wait until AI is winning every online game.

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