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What’s in store:

  • Perplexity has been accused of stealing.

  • Apple is set to unveil “Apple Intelligence”.

  • Around the web: Kevin Jenkins crafts a fresh Star Wars look for the High Republic era.

  • Guidde makes employee onboarding a breeze with AI.

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Perplexity AI, a startup developing a real-time AI-powered search engine to compete with Google, is being forced to address concerns over a lack of attribution in its news summaries.

The issue came to light when a Forbes reporter highlighted the similarities between a Perplexity news summary and a Forbes article, noting the lack of proper attribution. Perplexity was then, in essence, stealing content.

Forbes calls out Perplexity

Perplexity's CEO, Aravind Srinivas, acknowledged the problem, attributing it to the newness of the "Perplexity Pages" feature, which presents summarised information in a magazine-like format.

He assured that the company is working on making contributing sources more visible and prominent in future updates.

Srinivas emphasised that their main search product already cites sources more clearly.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • Perplexity AI is tackling concerns over minimal attribution in its latest feature.

  • CEO Aravind Srinivas promises to improve the visibility of sources.

  • The company, valued at over a billion dollars, provides real-time information in the competitive AI market.

Srinivas mentioned that improving source visibility is a priority, and he reminded users that the core product is already diligent about highlighting sources, reflecting their overall intentions.

Perplexity looking like the Hamburglar out here.

Do you think Perplexity AI will fix their attribution issues?

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On This Day

June 10th 2003 - The Spirit Rover is launched, beginning NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission to explore the surface of Mars and determine the history of water on the planet.

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Bluedot: AI Chrome Extension for Google Meet (funded by Google).
Install Chrome Extension → An AI character generator that allows users to create animated video stories and characters without needing technical skills.

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Crypko: This tool enables users to create customisable anime-style characters with smooth animations, ideal for anime enthusiasts and creators.

Wonder Studio: An advanced AI solution for integrating computer-generated characters into real-life videos, automating a significant portion of visual effects work.


Apple is set to introduce an AI system called Apple Intelligence on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac at WWDC 2024.

According to Bloomberg, this AI upgrade will include "beta" features and a ChatGPT-like chatbot powered by OpenAI.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Focus on AI-powered summarisations, reply suggestions, and a revamped Siri with better app control.

  • Use of M2 chips and Secure Enclave in data centres to keep data secure. No user profiles based on data and transparency reports on data use.

  • iPad and Mac users need devices with M1 chips or newer. Mobile needs include iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 16 models.

Siri 2.0

Instead of flashy AI features like image or video generation, Apple will prioritise practical tools like AI-powered summarisations, reply suggestions, and a revamped Siri with improved app control.

The AI features will use both Apple’s technology and OpenAI's tools, processing tasks either on-device or via cloud servers, depending on the task's requirements.

To use these AI features, iPad and Mac users will need devices with an M1 chip or newer, while mobile requirements will include the iPhone 15 Pro or the upcoming iPhone 16 models.

Importantly, these AI features will be optional, not mandatory.

Security is a priority for Apple, which plans to use its M2 chips and Secure Enclave in data centres to ensure data processed remotely remains secure.

Apple will also evade building user profiles based on data and will provide transparency reports on data use.

WWDC is like the Met Gala of AI this year.


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