OpenAI WINS first lawsuit!

+ Reddit just sold your data

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Good morning and Happy Monday!

OpenAI just won a court battle against Sarah Silverman and others.

Meanwhile, Reddit playing hard to get. In this economy?

We have some new AI tools you might want to try out!

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A California court has made a significant ruling in one of the lawsuits facing OpenAI. The lawsuit was filed by a group of authors including notable names like Sarah Silverman and Paul Tremblay.

Verdict: Not Guilty

The authors took OpenAI to court, accusing the company of using their books without permission to train ChatGPT.

Judge Araceli Martínez-Olguín, has decided to trim down the lawsuit, dismissing several claims including copyright violations.

The claims were on the basis that the authors couldn't prove a direct similarity between ChatGPT's responses and their copyrighted works.

Additionally, accusations of negligence and other legal breaches were also set aside.

It’s not over yet

However, it's not all smooth sailing for OpenAI.

The judge has left the door open for the authors to challenge OpenAI on the grounds of unfair competition.

Suggesting the battle over copyright and AI training methods is far from over.

This decision aligns with a similar case involving Meta and its AI tool, Llama, indicating a pattern in how courts are navigating the complex waters of AI and copyright law.

Interestingly, this case is part of a larger discussion about how AI companies use data, including literature, to “train” their tools.

Books vs Bots

Reports have surfaced that over 170,000 books have been used in training programs for AI tools like Llama, raising questions about the ethical and legal implications of using copyrighted content in AI development.

The saga continues as the court has given the authors a chance to refine their arguments by 13 March.

This case is an important watch for anyone interested in the crossing of technology, copyright law, and the future of AI development.

It highlights the ongoing debate over the boundaries of using existing creative works to fuel technological innovation.

Our View:

This is less about stealing from the cookie jar and more about who baked the cookies in the first place.

Should AI companies be allowed to use copyrighted books for training without explicit permission?

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Reddit has made a big move by agreeing to let a large, unnamed AI company use its treasure trove of user posts for training.

They're getting paid about $60 million a year for it.

This is a big deal seeing that, in the past, AI companies would use content they found online without consent.

Now, as things are getting a bit legal, they're starting to make official deals for the data they want to use.

This isn't just about Reddit trying to make money. It's also about making sure they're on solid legal ground.

Reddit playing Data poker

Their deal is bigger than the $5 million OpenAI has been offering news sites for their content.

Even Apple is looking to make similar big-money deals with news organizations.

Reddit has shown it's not afraid to play tough, even hinting it might block big search engines like Google or Bing from using its site if they don't get the right deal.

They've also faced down big protests and kept going strong.

Even though Reddit is making more money than before, they're still chasing a revenue goal and are looking at going public with a value of around $5 billion.

Our View:

Can I have some money for all that Reddit Karma I’ve accumulated over the years, please?

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