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After returning from the moon, Apollo 11 astronauts spent weeks in quarantine, dining on Stouffer’s frozen ready-meals.

What’s in store:

  • Former OpenAI co-founder launches new startup.

  • AI reads tennis players’ emotions.

  • Around the web: California Governor Newsom plans to ban smartphones in schools, aiming to pass new restrictions by August.

  • QueryPal gives your Slack superpowers!

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Ilya Sutskever, one of the co-founders of OpenAI, has started a new AI company, Safe Superintelligence Inc.

SSI, is aimed at developing a safe and powerful AI system.

The startup’s sole focus on safety allows it to advance AI technology without the usual commercial pressures.

Here are the details:

  • SSI wants to balance safety and capability, progressing quickly while prioritising safety.

  • The company is insulated from short-term commercial pressures.

  • SSI is co-founded by Daniel Gross (former AI lead at Apple) and Daniel Levy (former technical staff at OpenAI).

Leaving OpenAI for safer shores

Last year, Sutskever led the effort to remove OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

He left OpenAI in May, hinting at this new project.

Following his departure, AI researcher Jan Leike and policy researcher Gretchen Krueger also left, citing safety concerns.

While OpenAI continues partnerships with Apple and Microsoft, SSI will focus exclusively on developing safe superintelligence, with no other projects until this goal is achieved.

Guess leaving OpenAI was just the warm-up.

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Researchers have developed an AI model capable of accurately identifying tennis players' emotions by analysing their body language during matches.

Trained on real-life footage, this AI can detect both positive and negative emotions, though it excels at recognising the latter.

This innovation could revolutionise sports training, healthcare, and more, but it also raises ethical concerns about privacy and data misuse.

For their study, researchers from KIT and the University of Duisburg-Essen developed an AI model using real-life video footage of tennis players.

They focused on body language displayed when a point was won or lost, such as lowered heads or raised arms.

The AI model learned to associate these cues with emotional reactions, achieving an accuracy of up to 68.9%, sometimes surpassing human observers.

Here are some key findings:

  • The AI model identifies tennis players' emotions with up to 68.9% accuracy, surpassing human observers and previous methods.

  • Both AI and humans are better at recognising negative emotions, which are often more obvious.

  • While the technology has potential benefits, addressing privacy and ethical concerns is crucial.

Reading your tennis tantrums

Not only does the research show that AI algorithms may be able to surpass human observers in their ability to identify emotions, but it also revealed that both humans and AI are better at recognising negative emotions.

This is likely because negative emotions are more obvious.

The study envisions various applications for reliable emotion recognition, such as improving training methods and preventing burnout in sports.

Other fields, including healthcare and customer service, could also benefit from early detection of emotional states.

However, ethical concerns about privacy and data misuse need to be addressed.

If the racket being smashed wasn’t a good enough indiciator.

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