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It takes the Solar System about 230 million years to complete one orbit around the Milky Way's centre. This vast journey is known as one "galactic year" or "cosmic year." That must be one epic birthday party.


  • Ilya Sutskever leaves OpenAI!

  • Dell is launching a new AI laptop with epic battery life.

  • Around the web: Astronomers discover “SPECULOOS-3”, an Earth-sized planet orbiting a red dwarf star 55 light-years away.

  • Taplio is the number 1 LinkedIn growth tool!


In an unexpected move, Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI's co-founder and chief scientist, has left the AI start-up.

This follows his failed attempt to remove CEO Sam Altman six months ago.

Sutskever announced his departure on social media, expressing confidence in OpenAI's future.

On departure, he praised the company's progress and its potential to create safe and beneficial AGI (artificial general intelligence).

OpenAI, now valued at over $80 billion, recently released major AI updates in partnership with Microsoft.

These advancements keep it competitive with Google in the AI field.

Sutskever, a top AI researcher, was crucial to OpenAI's early success, especially in generative AI.

Soon after his announcement, senior researcher Jan Leike also resigned.

Leike had worked closely with Sutskever on ensuring AI systems act in human interest.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Ilya Sutskever leaves OpenAI, expressing confidence in its future.

  • OpenAI's valuation exceeds $80 billion, with major updates released this week.

  • Jakub Pachocki to replace Sutskever as chief scientist.

Last November, Sutskever took part in a failed attempt to oust Altman and co-founder Greg Brockman from the board.

Is trouble brewing at OpenAI?

The move, due to a breakdown in trust, was quickly reversed after employee and investor backlash.

Sutskever expressed regret for his actions, emphasising his commitment to OpenAI.

As OpenAI announced updates to its main model, Sutskever stayed out of the public eye.

Altman praised him as a "remarkable genius" and a "guiding light" in the field.

Jakub Pachocki, a long-time OpenAI researcher, will succeed Sutskever as chief scientist.

Sutskever hinted at starting a new project soon, though details remain undisclosed.

Time to get the popcorn out again.

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Nifty Numbers

AI Perception Matrix: Mapping Public Opinions

This matrix visualises public perceptions of AI’s impact, categorising them based on their perceived importance and whether they are viewed positively or negatively. While AI promises significant benefits in healthcare and education, concerns about job displacement and privacy remain high. Lesser issues like AI chatbots and office automation still influence public opinion but are seen as less critical.


Dell is gearing up to launch a new Arm-powered XPS 13 laptop, with a recent leak revealing detailed plans for future XPS models.

A confidential 311-page document from Dell has disclosed information about upcoming Qualcomm-powered Snapdragon X Elite laptops, expected soon.

Asus will unveil a new "AI PC" next week, coinciding with Microsoft's Surface and Windows event focused on Windows on Arm.

Dell’s XPS 13 with the Snapdragon X Elite will come in three display options: FHD, QHD+, and OLED.

The refreshed XPS 13 Plus from 2022 will feature a touch bar on the keyboard and two USB-C ports.

Battery life varies by model, with the FHD+ version offering up to 13 hours of web browsing and over 29 hours of local video playback.

What it is essentially:

  • Dell's new XPS 13 with Snapdragon X Elite will offer three display options.

  • The refreshed XPS 13 Plus will feature a touch bar and two USB-C ports.

  • Upcoming models will include new "tandem OLED" panels from LG Display.

Say goodbye to charger dread

The leaked document also mentions a new "tandem OLED" panel from LG Display, updating brightness and lifespan.

These OLED panels, initially introduced for automotive displays, are now used in consumer devices like the iPad Pro and the upcoming XPS 13.

Dell plans to launch the XPS 13 Qualcomm models in June, aligning with rumours of Microsoft's next Arm-powered Surface devices.

The document hints at Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon chips for laptops, with "QC Oryon V2" expected in the second half of 2025 and "V3" in late 2027.

Microsoft’s Surface and Windows AI event is on 20th May, followed by the Build developer conference from 21st-23rd May.

Expect major announcements on Windows on Arm and AI advancements.

Intel is about to get ARM-ageddoned. Sorry.


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Don’t Miss - Astronomers have identified an Earth-size planet, SPECULOOS-3, orbiting an ultracool red dwarf star 55 light-years away. This star, similar in size to Jupiter but 100 times dimmer and cooler than our sun, marks only the second discovery of a planetary system around such a star after Trappist-1. The discovery was made by the SPECULOOS project at Chile's Paranal Observatory, which focuses on finding rocky exoplanets around nearby ultracool and brown dwarf stars.

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