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+ Revolut shaking up VC

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What’s in store:

  • OpenAI fixes a big flaw on macOS.

  • Revolut tries its hand at venture capital.

  • Around the web: Samsung's Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 specs leaked.

  • Master AI with Growth School!

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Until recently, OpenAI's new ChatGPT macOS app had a serious security issue.

Conversations were stored in plain text on users' computers, making them easy for any malicious app or bad actor with control of the machine to read.

Pedro José Pereira Vieito highlighted this problem on Threads, demonstrating how another app could find and display ChatGPT conversations right after they happened.

He even created an app that could read these conversations instantly, and a video was made to show this capability.

Simply renaming the file allowed the conversation text to be seen.

Here’s the issue in brief:

  • ChatGPT macOS app initially stored conversations in plain text.

  • OpenAI released an update to encrypt chats following a security issue.

  • Distribution outside the Mac App Store allowed bypassing Apple’s sandboxing requirements.

But it’s fixed!

After The Verge contacted OpenAI, the company quickly released an update that encrypts chat data.

OpenAI's spokesperson, Taya Christianson, confirmed this update in a statement, emphasizing their commitment to user experience and security.

With the new update, Pereira Vieito’s app no longer works, and the conversations are not accessible in plain text.

Pereira Vieito discovered the issue while investigating why OpenAI didn't use app sandbox protections.

Since OpenAI distributes the app through its website, it bypasses Apple's sandboxing requirements.

Though OpenAI reviews conversations for safety and model training unless users opt out, this security flaw was a serious concern.

Fortunately, it has currently been addressed.

That could have been embarrassing.

How confident are you in OpenAI’s security measures?

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Number of Notable Machine Learning Models by Country

The US leads with 61 notable models, China follows with 15, while France, Germany, and Canada contribute 8, 5, and 4 models respectively. This map highlights key contributors to AI innovation worldwide.


Nik Storonsky, the man behind Revolut, is now trying to transform venture capital with a new AI startup called QuantumLight.

Founded in 2022, this London-based firm uses algorithms and AI to find investment opportunities.

QuantumLight quick facts:

  • Utilises advanced technology for early-stage investments.

  • Secured substantial funding and invested in nearly several startups.

  • Aims to innovate venture capital similarly to how Revolut transformed banking.

Powered by AI

QuantumLight, led by CEO Ilya Kondrashov, is known for being a "systematic" venture firm.

The firm's data-driven approach sets it apart, though it remains relatively small in the venture capital world.

Storonsky joins a growing number of European tech billionaires expanding their wealth through venture investments, including Spotify’s Daniel Ek.

Revolut's recent financial results showed revenue almost doubled to $2.2 billion in 2023.

Storonsky allocated about $60 million to QuantumLight, stating their strategy allows for quicker, more precise investment decisions.

Quant investing has long been influential in public markets, but private assets have been less touched due to limited data.

This is changing as firms like Ares Management and BlackRock hire quantitative analysts to gain an edge.

QuantumLight calls itself the "first truly systematic" venture firm and raised funds from tech founders and family offices.

Kondrashov mentioned that portfolio company executives benefit from a “playbook” based on Storonsky’s experience with Revolut.

Kondrashov, a Cambridge graduate and former Goldman Sachs analyst, previously founded UK fintech Kriya.

He expects to continue making steady investments over the next three years, with no immediate plans to raise another fund.

“We are probably going to be adding roughly a deal a month,” he said. “We raised all the capital that we need.”

Yes, let AI pick my portfolio, please!

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