OpenAI bans its own voice tool

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Scientists are mixing tech with plants, making it possible for your greens to text you when they're thirsty. This could change the game for farming and even your kitchen herbs, turning them into a high-tech operation where plants and your smartphone are on chatting terms.

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  • AI voice theft will be a thing in 2024.

  • Can’t draw? That’s fine, AI can do it.

  • Around the web: No iOS update for old iPhones, artificial pancreas coming right to your doorstep!

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Voice tech has come a long way from the old Speak & Spell toy.

Now, OpenAI has made a tool that makes voices that sound super realistic and can even copy someone's voice entirely from just a short sound clip.

They have been working on something called Voice Engine. It's this tool that can do the voice-copying trick.

But, they're not rushing to let anyone use it yet because they're thinking about how it might be used in the wrong way - for now, its inaccessible.

Even though this voice-copying thing isn't brand new, OpenAI's careful steps are worth noting.

They're thinking about the good stuff their tech can do, like helping people who can't speak to have a voice or making it easier for content to reach people worldwide.

Is that your voice? or AI?

But, they're also aware of the tricky parts, like someone using the tech to fake being someone else over the phone or for scams.

OpenAI suggests a few smart moves to make sure their tech is used safely:

  • Only use someone's voice if they've said it's okay.

  • Work on methods to tell if a voice is made by a computer or a real person.

  • Help people understand that not everything they hear might be real.

They're being extra careful by making rules for companies that want to use their tech and adding a special mark to AI-made voices.

OpenAI is sharing its tech but also starting conversations on how to use this kind of tool wisely.

They believe in moving forward but doing it the right way.

Creepy… but cloning Morgan Freeman's voice whenever we answer the phone sounds fun.

Are you happy with AI cloning?

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In today's tech-savvy world, the art scene is getting to grips with AI, especially the kind that can make art just from a bit of text.

This is the new reality of art, thanks to tools like Midjourney and DALL-E.

While this is pretty cool, it's also sparking a bit of worry among artists.

Some feel this new tech could step on their creative toes or mess with copyright rules.

Others, though, can't wait to see what comes next.

Why are artists panicking?

  • AI tools are shaking up the traditional way we think about making art, turning words into pictures in ways we've never seen before.

  • As AI art takes off, there's chatter about needing rules to make sure artists' rights are respected and that the AI plays fair.

  • With AI in the mix, will we lose the unique spark of human-made art?

Rubem Robierb, an artist known for his installations, was pretty taken aback by what AI can do.

Yet, he's also pondering how this fits into his work, especially considering the tech's knack for whipping up a storm of images in no time.

On the legal side, places like Europe are working on rules to make sure AI is used wisely, especially when it comes to protecting people's rights and safety.

Some art spots, like London's Serpentine Gallery, are all in on using AI ethically.

They're working on projects that use AI to create art in ways that are respectful and mindful of where the data came from.

Will they remake the Mona Lisa with AI?

There's also talk about making sure artists have a say in how AI uses their work, with groups like Spawning leading the charge to protect artists' rights in the digital realm.

Not everyone sees AI as a looming threat.

Shane Guffogg, who links colours with music, sees AI as a useful tool for merging art and tunes, but insists on keeping the human touch essential.

AI is shaking up the art world, sparking discussions on how to mix new tech with the unique spark of human creativity.

With AI, everyone can be an artist - no more stick figures from me!

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