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Friday’s here! Got any plans this weekend?

Nvidia has unleashed its ChatGPT competitor - and it works offline.

And if you want to buy an Apple Vision Pro, make sure to pack up on some painkillers.

PLUS, We have an epic recruitment prompt that can help you find the right candidate!

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NVIDIA, primarily known for being king of AI chips, is stepping up its game by launching a new AI chatbot, "Chat with RTX."

This innovation lets GeForce RTX 30 and 40 Series card owners run AI chatbots on their Windows PCs offline.

It's like having your own version of ChatGPT - but it can personalise answers based on documents and files stored on your computer.


Getting everything set up might need up to 100 GB of storage, depending on the AI model you choose.

Chat with RTX is designed to make searching through documents a breeze.

Just by typing a question, it can sift through your saved files to find answers.

How to access Chat with RTX

First, you need a PC with an RTX 30 or 40 series graphics card. Let’s go gamers. Assuming you meet the criteria, you can download it here.

Can it beat ChatGPT?

This versatile tool can handle multiple file types and can fetch info from YouTube transcripts via URL.

While it boasts impressive features, it's worth noting that Chat with RTX has its limitations.

It doesn't remember past conversations for context, and performance depends on the AI model and question phrasing.

NVIDIA's move into chatbots is the latest move of a company that has seen skyrocket growth from AI.

Will their bubble burst?

Our View:

Why didn’t I buy Nvidia stock in 2020?

Chatbots - better online or offline?

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We all have that one colleague who keeps asking the same thing over and over again, no matter how many times we explain it to them.

It’s time you let AI do the explaining instead of you. Guidde is an AI-powered tool that helps you explain the most complex tasks in seconds with AI-generated documentation:

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Prompt to Try Today

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Job Description Creation:

“Write a detailed, engaging job description for [POSITION]. Include essential responsibilities [RESPONSIBILITIES], required qualifications [QUALIFICATIONS], desired skills [SKILLS], and company culture highlights [CULTURE HIGHLIGHTS]. Make it appealing and clear to attract the right candidates.”


Apple's new Vision Pro headset is supposed to be a game-changer.

But some users are already crying "uncle" – and returning their pricey purchases.

The main gripe?

Discomfort. Headaches, eye strain, and that clunky feeling are putting people off, especially with a hefty $3,500 price tag.

It seems one size doesn't fit all, and finding the sweet spot for comfort isn’t easy.

But it's not just the hardware causing a stir. The software's getting some flack too.

Folks are saying it's not quite the productivity powerhouse they hoped for, especially for creative work.

From trying to edit files that aren't even supported, or feeling dizzy after staring at design layouts - some users are finding it isn’t all it was made out to be.

Is the Vision Pro doomed?

Many early adopters still seem optimistic, saying they'd be keen on a future version that is way better.

And let's face it, some people are always going to be vocal on social media, so it's hard to gauge how widespread these issues are.

Apple's got a promising new piece of tech, but comfort and user experience need a serious rethink before it truly takes off.

Until then, it seems "comfy or bust" might be the motto for some early adopters.

Our View:

Vision Pro 2 causes half as many headaches! Coming 2025!

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