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Knitting was initially a male-exclusive occupation, with the first knitting union in Paris specifically excluding women in 1527.

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What’s in store:

  • Nvidia gives us a glimpse into the future.

  • McDonald’s pulls the plug on AI…

  • Around the web: Asus addresses support issues with a new email for warranty disputes.

  • Learn how to Adopt AI for free with TeamGPT.

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NVIDIA researchers have been showcasing new generative AI models and techniques at the CVPR conference in Seattle.

Their advancements cover custom image generation, 3D scene editing, visual language understanding, and autonomous vehicle perception, highlighting what we can expect to see in AI in the next few years.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Nvidia is pushing the limits of AI with advanced image generation models and autonomous driving software.

  • Two NVIDIA papers are finalists for CVPR’s Best Paper Awards, focusing on diffusion model training and high-definition maps for self-driving cars.

  • Their research won the CVPR Autonomous Grand Challenge, demonstrating innovative use of generative AI in self-driving technology.

Nvidia’s major projects:

  • JeDi: A new technique allowing creators to quickly customise diffusion models for specific objects or characters with just a few reference images.

  • FoundationPose: A foundation model that instantly tracks the 3D pose of objects in videos without per-object training, setting a new performance record.

  • NeRFDeformer: A method to edit 3D scenes captured by a Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) using a single 2D snapshot, simplifying 3D scene editing.

  • VILA: Developed with MIT, these vision language models combine visual and linguistic understanding, excelling in image, video, and text comprehension.

We’re in 2024 but they’re way into 2034

NVIDIA's visual AI research spans numerous industries, including over a dozen papers exploring novel approaches for autonomous vehicle perception, mapping, and planning.

Sanja Fidler, VP of NVIDIA’s AI Research team, is presenting on the potential of vision language models for self-driving cars.

The breadth of NVIDIA’s CVPR research exemplifies how generative AI could empower creators, accelerate automation in manufacturing and healthcare, and advance autonomy and robotics.

Just another day of NVIDIA casually revolutionising the future, no big deal.

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McDonald's is ending its use of AI chatbots at drive-thrus, raising questions about the fast food industry's rush to adopt this technology.

The world's largest burger chain will remove AI order systems from over 100 US locations.

These systems, using AI voices to take orders, were part of a deal with IBM that started in 2021.

McDonald's hasn't given a public reason for ending the test, but franchises were told the tech would be shut down on 26 July.

Mishaps with the system included bacon-topped ice cream and ordering 2,000 chicken nuggets for a customer.

A spokesperson mentioned plans for automated orders would be decided by the end of the year, highlighting that voice-ordering solutions will be part of the future.

Here’s what happened:

  • McDonald's is to remove AI order systems from over 100 locations by 26 July.

  • AI is seen as a solution to rising labour costs, especially after new wage laws in California.

  • AI systems have faced criticism for errors and reliance on outsourced labour.

A pause or a goodbye?

Other fast-food chains like Wendy's, Hardee's, Carl's Jr, Del Taco, and Yum Brands (which owns Taco Bell and KFC) have also been keen on integrating AI to reduce labour costs.

After California's new minimum wage law, the rush to use AI in fast food has increased.

Presto Automation Inc., which provides AI services, disclosed that workers in countries like the Philippines are involved in customer interactions about 70% of the time.

Some companies are also exploring AI for digital chatbots and image recognition for wait times.

McDonald's, for example, struck a deal with Google to create a chatbot named “Ask Pickles” for training employees on equipment cleaning.

I’d take the 2,000 nugs though.

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