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Is Nvidia about to lose their AI crown?

+ Microsoft's big merge

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  • Nvidia wages chip wars.

  • Microsoft is one step away from the moon.

  • Find out why we use Shortform, because no one has the time to read non-fic!


Nvidia, now valued at $2.2 trillion, is the key figure in the AI chip market, powering advanced AI for giants like Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google.

Its success isn't just about the hardware; it's also about its software, CUDA, which has been around for nearly 20 years and is essential for over 4 million developers globally.

But now, Nvidia faces competition from a group including Qualcomm, Google, and Intel.

They're working together on a project led by the UXL Foundation to develop software that works on different types of AI chips, aiming to reduce reliance on Nvidia.

This project, starting with something called OneAPI from Intel, wants to create a system that lets computer programs run on any device, no matter the chip inside.

A chip on the shoulder

They believe this open approach will give developers more freedom and choice.

The UXL Foundation's efforts are part of a wider movement to challenge Nvidia's control.

Over $4 billion has been invested in nearly 100 startups trying to find alternatives to Nvidia's software.

This shows a growing interest in diversifying the AI chip market.

Despite these challenges, Nvidia remains positive.

They see the growing interest in accelerated computing as an opportunity to further advance AI and computing capabilities.

Nvidia's stock even rose slightly amidst this competitive environment, highlighting the ongoing technology innovation.

Is Nvidia’s crown slipping?

Who will win the AI chip wars?

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Microsoft has named Pavan Davuluri as the new leader for its Windows and Surface teams. 

This comes after a bit of shuffling at the top, with the aim to bring these two key areas—software and hardware—closer together under one roof.

Davuluri, who has been with Microsoft for over two decades and played a significant role in partnerships with Qualcomm and AMD, is stepping up to drive innovation in an AI-focused tech era.

The company is also strengthening its AI game by bringing on board Mustafa Suleyman, a big name from Google DeepMind, to head a new AI team.

This move, which includes hiring talent from Inflection AI, signals a push towards more consumer-facing AI products like Copilot, Bing, and Edge.

Microsoft is tightening the ties between its Windows software and Surface hardware.

This is while gearing up to make AI a bigger part of what they do, ensuring they stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Microsoft is really not playing around in the AI arena. If these moves were chess moves, we’re sure they’d win!

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