Nvidia caught stealing for its AI

+ Biden urged to intervene on AI

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Nvidia is stealing books from authors to feed its hungry AI.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley is laying off Academics! It’s all heating up in the AI world!

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Nvidia, the mega tech giant known for its AI chips, is facing a lawsuit from three authors—Brian Keene, Abdi Nazemian, and Stewart O'Nan.

They claim Nvidia used their books without permission to train its NeMo AI platform.

The issue arose when 196,640 books were used to help NeMo understand human language.

The authors spotted their works in the mix and filed a lawsuit after Nvidia removed the content in response to copyright complaints.

Book pirates?

The lawsuit, seeking damages, points to Nvidia's acknowledgement of the situation by removing the content.

This case adds Nvidia to a list of companies, including OpenAI and Microsoft, sued over generative AI use, which can create new content from existing materials.

Despite the legal challenges, Nvidia's value has soared, with its stock price up nearly 600% since the end of 2022, making it a heavyweight in the tech world with a market value close to $2.2 trillion.

With all that value, should they be paying for these books?

Our View:

Who would’ve thought AI has expensive taste in literature?

Is Nvidia justified in stealing books?

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Fei-Fei, a leading voice in artificial intelligence, urged President Biden to invest in AI by creating a national resourced hub.

This move aims to help researchers keep up with the huge investments of big tech firms.

Li highlighted the growing gap between academia and the industry, noting that the high costs of AI research are pushing academics out of the field.

Which is equally making it hard for them to compete with companies like Meta and Google.

Can Academia survive the AI Gold rush?

Tech giants are pouring billions into AI, leading to situations where they are making significant AI discoveries.

This shift is concerning because it means AI developments are mainly driven by profit, rather than public interest.

To fight back, Li suggests a national AI repository, which has already received support from companies like Microsoft.

The idea is to make AI research more accessible,so it can benefit everyone, not just the big tech firms.

However, the challenge is urgent, as tech salaries and resources are tempting academics away, risking a future where AI’s direction is determined solely by business interests.

The proposed solution including new funding models like the Create AI Act, aims to level the playing field, but time is of the essence to ensure a diverse and public-focused AI future.

Our View:

Considering joining an AI startup? You might need a national treasury behind you to compete with Big Tech’s snack budget!

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