💣 New York Times SUES OpenAI!

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Hello there! Yes, it’s still that weird week, this time a Thursday. We can all go back to normal in just a few days though…

OpenAI have been slapped with yet another lawsuit… and we’ve got Mythbusters Part 2!

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OpenAI has been hit with what might be the biggest lawsuit they’ve faced yet.

The New York Times is suing for billions, claiming ChatGPT has illegally accessed its content.

This could be a major turning point in AI copyright.

They brought receipts

The lawsuit alleges that when asked about current events, ChatGPT will sometimes generate "verbatim excerpts" from New York Times articles, which cannot be accessed without paying for a subscription.

This means readers can, in theory, get New York Times content without paying for it.

This is why NYT is alleging they are losing millions in subscription revenue and advertising clicks.

NYT office be like

Bing is in trouble too…

Bing is also listed in the lawsuit - remember Microsoft owns 49% of OpenAI!

The Bing search engine - has been producing results taken from a New York Times-owned website, without linking to the article or including referral links it uses to generate income.

OpenAI is now facing 4 major lawsuits. Two from groups of authors, one from Github, and now one from the NYT.


Can OpenAI beat this lawsuits? This will be a great court battle!

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Can OpenAI beat these lawsuits?

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Our Reader’s Thoughts

“AI will never forget. You'll be compromised.”- Jim

“It is not the AI I worry about, it is the unethical use of its learnings. The “let’s jailbreak” this thing crowd. The fictional Dr. Malcolm’s words spring to mind. We are so busy seeing if we could that we don't stop to think of we should. AI is not the enemy, we are.” - Zephyrs27

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Continuing from yesterday, let’s carry on busting some AI myths and conceptions!

Let’s dive in…

AI can't compromise privacy

AI systems can inadvertently reveal personal information through patterns in data.

For instance, researchers have shown how AI models can recreate identifiable faces from anonymised datasets.

This highlights the need for robust privacy measures in AI development!

AI is always ethical and unbiased

The ethics of AI is a reflection of the data it's fed.

AI can mirror the biases present in its training material.

Ensuring ethical AI involves oversight of data sources, algorithm transparency, and vigilant monitoring for bias.

AI will take my job!

The fear that AI will gobble up all of our jobs is overstated.

Of course, it's reshaping the job landscape automating routine tasks, but it's also birthing new opportunities in AI-related fields.

It's not just about job displacement; it's about evolution and creating new roles.

AI is a universal solution to all problems

AI is often hailed as a cure-all for every problem.

Reality check: AI is a powerful tool that boosts efficiency and data analysis, but it's not a standalone solution.

It must be woven into existing processes and often requires human oversight for complex decision-making.

Think AI can figure out how to untangle Christmas lights? Think again!


We hope you enjoyed our mythbuster mini series!

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