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What’s in store:

  • Anthropic’s latest move: Claude 3.5.

  • Microsoft still wants to launch its controversial recall feature.

  • Around the web: US government ignored TikTok's security plan.

  • Guidde solves all your onboarding issues!

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Anthropic is stepping up its game with the release of Claude 3.5 Sonnet, aiming to rival OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini.

This new model is already accessible on the web and iOS, and is available to developers.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet is positioned as the middle model in Anthropic's lineup, which also includes the smaller Haiku and the high-end Opus.

Interestingly, 3.5 Sonnet outperforms the 3 Opus and is twice as fast.

Anthropic is claiming that the new Claude even beats ChatGPT 4o in some tests:

Claude 3.5’s key features:

  • Writing and translating code.

  • Handling multistep workflows.

  • Interpreting charts and graphs.

  • Transcribing text from images.

Speed and smarts combined

Anthropic claims Claude 3.5 Sonnet excels in these areas and also introduces a new feature called Artifacts.

Artifacts allow users to see and interact with results directly within the app, enhancing the model's usability beyond basic chatbot functions.

Anthropic envisions Claude as a business tool for centralising knowledge and documents, similar to Notion or Slack, with AI at its core.

The pace of AI development is rapid, and Claude 3.5 Sonnet proves Anthropic is a serious contender in the AI landscape.

This is giving “I’m way better than Gemini” energy.

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Microsoft launched Copilot Plus PCs this week, but their big moment was marred by the controversy around their AI-powered Recall feature.

Last week, Microsoft’s Windows engineers were rushing to secure the AI-powered Recall feature for its planned debut on June 18th.

This feature, which screenshots nearly everything on new Qualcomm-powered laptops, faced significant security issues.

Consequently, Microsoft announced it was recalling the feature just hours later.

Despite shipping earlier this week, Copilot Plus PCs launched without Recall.

The setup process in Windows 11 has been adjusted, making Recall a “coming soon” feature.

Interestingly, Recall is still featured in Microsoft’s marketing materials, hinting at its imminent return.

Here’s their plan:

  • Microsoft scrambled to secure Recall's security features before launch, which led to its delay.

  • When it returns, Recall will be opt-in with enhanced security.

  • Microsoft is relying on public testing to refine Recall before its re-release.

A case of rushed security

Recall was developed largely in secret, avoiding the usual Windows Insider public testing.

Microsoft will rely on the community to test the new AI feature on Copilot Plus devices.

Recall will be opt-in with additional security measures to address researcher concerns.

Despite last-minute security fixes, including encryption and Windows Hello authentication, the feature’s launch was postponed just five days before the Copilot Plus PCs shipped.

This situation highlights the challenges of integrating advanced AI features into consumer products under tight timelines.

Screenshots of everything you do on your computer? Quick someone clear the browser history!

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