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The first piece of AI-created art sold at auction fetched $432,500 in 2018.

Titled "Portrait of Edmond de Belamy," it was generated by an algorithm trained on a dataset of historical portraits. This sale marked a significant moment in the recognition of AI-generated art within the traditional art world.


  • Nvidia’s "very, very big GPU" is launching soon.

  • Grok could be better than GPT.

  • HubSpot is giving you a free course on AI for business!


Nvidia recently unveiled powerful chips aimed at advancing AI.

At a California developer's conference, CEO Jensen Huang introduced what he humorously called a "very, very big GPU".

GPU or Graphics Processing Units, are crucial for generative AI technology.

This announcement was part of an event humorously dubbed "AI Woodstock," reflecting Nvidia's critical role in the AI boom initiated by ChatGPT's emergence in 2022.

Nvidia's latest innovation, the Blackwell GPU, marks a significant leap forward.

It's touted as an "AI superchip," - and it's 4x faster and 25x more energy-efficient than previous models, also helping to address concerns about AI's environmental impact.

Mindbending AI, earth-saving tech

This development comes at a time when energy consumption and the environmental impact of AI technologies are increasingly under scrutiny.

Nvidia's progress has boosted its value by 250% in a year, moving it ahead of Amazon and just behind Microsoft and Apple in market size.

Despite its success, Nvidia faces challenges like depending on subcontractors for making chips and dealing with trade tensions, especially with China.

In addition to hardware, Nvidia announced exciting AI projects.

Project Gr00T focuses on teaching robots to understand speech and copy movements, aiming for robots that learn quickly from people.

Nvidia is also working with Apple to improve AI in Apple's Vision Pro gear, as they compete in the fast-moving AI field.

Nvidia also launched the Earth-2 Cloud Platform, using AI for climate predictions, showing its dedication to solving global issues with innovation.

Our View:

An "AI superchip" that uses less energy? Sounds too good to be true.

Will Nvidia become the most valuable company?

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Elon’s xAI has rolled out its open-source Grok-1, an AI model packed with more tech power than GPT-3 (yes, GPT-3 from 2021) and it’s available for anyone to use or modify.

This big step aims to make advanced AI tech accessible for all types of projects, including commercial ones.

Musk, playfully jabs at OpenAI with this move, as he and other tech leaders debate the future of AI’s openness and control.

Meanwhile giants like Google and Apple, along with newcomers like Anthropic, are upping the ante in the AI game, making the field even more competitive.

Competitiveness is an understatement

But Grok-1 isn’t immediately ready for creating chatbots or similar AI; it needs more work and specific data to get there, plus a lot of computer power due to its huge size.

Yet, the tech community is excited about making Grok-1 more user-friendly for a wider range of uses.

What makes Grok-1 stand out is its open-source status under the Apache 2.0 license, offering freedom for development and sharing.

This approach could shake up the industry, challenging the business models of companies that keep their AI tech under wraps.

As the AI community anticipate more advancements, Musk’s move with Grok-1 is a game-changer, pushing for more openness and collaboration in AI development.

Our View:

This is either a giant leap for AI accessibility or a recipe for digital mayhem. Buckle up!

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