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How Netflix Won the Streaming Wars with AI

+ was this picture real or AI?

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Welcome to Sunday, reader. We’re diving deep today… into Netflix! How did they win the streaming wars with AI?

And find out if the image was AI or real!

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How Netflix Won the Streaming Wars with AI

The streaming wars are over - the winner? Netflix. No underdog stories here. The data is clear, other streaming services are struggling, while Netflix powers ahead.

How did they do it?

Ever found yourself lost in the Netflix scroll, only to be hooked by a show you've never heard of?

That's no accident.

It's the work of Netflix's AI, a blend of tech wizardry and data science that knows you better than your mates.

And by the way, those tempting thumbnails that catch your eye?

They're clickbait, crafted by AI, just for you. Yes, you read that right.

Those images that make you pause and think, "Maybe just one episode," are personalised.

Ever noticed how they seem to spotlight your favourite actor or hint at a genre you can't resist?

That's Netflix's machine learning algorithm at play, tailoring each thumbnail to your tastes.

It's all about making sure that, whether it's a gritty drama or a laugh-out-loud comedy, the thumbnail grabs your attention. This is just one of the ways that Netflix has leveraged AI to get an advantage over its competitors.

Personalised by AI

But how does Netflix pull off this personalised trickery?

It dives deep into your viewing history, analysing every choice you make.

The AI then uses this data to predict what might catch your eye next.

So, if you've been watching a lot of fantasy series, don't be surprised if the thumbnail for "Shadow and Bone" pops up, subtly suggesting a leap to "The Witcher" or "Cursed."

This isn't just about making the thumbnails look pretty.

It's a sophisticated dance of data science and creative design, all aimed at making sure the recommendations are spot-on.

Netflix's algorithm churns through heaps of data to understand your preferences and then serves up a visual nudge that's hard to ignore.

The beauty of this system is in its simplicity for the user.

A single click on one of these tailor-made thumbnails takes you on a journey through Netflix's vast library, guiding you from one favourite to the next with eerie accuracy.

Disney raises the white flag

Disney - one of the big three streaming services - conceded in a big way recently. They’ve started licensing their exclusive content to Netflix once again.

That’s right - you don’t need Disney Plus to see Disney anymore. Streaming services are expensive to run, and clearly, the numbers weren’t adding up for Disney.

AI fuels our endless binge

Netflix's AI doesn't just stop at knowing what you want to watch; it makes sure the invitation to watch is as irresistible as possible.

So next time you find yourself drawn to a show by its captivating thumbnail, remember: it's not serendipity.

It's the result of Netflix's AI, meticulously crafting each aspect of your browsing experience to ensure you find exactly what you didn't know you were looking for.

Netflix's AI is the unseen guide, leading you through the vastness of its content, one personalised thumbnail at a time.

The golden age of streaming is over. How long can the smaller fish survive?

Which Streaming Service is Most Likely to Fail in 2024?

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AI Image or Real? - The Results!

Yesterday we asked you to vote on an image and guess whether it was a real photo or an AI-generated image.

What did you think?

49% said made with AI

51% said real photo

It was… AI!

That’s some pretty clean work though, I’d be confused.

This picture was made on Midjourney!

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