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Elon wants us to call on Optimus Prime for electricity now, and Trump supporters are creating fake campaigning pics with AI.

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Elon Musk, who was recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, made some eye-opening remarks on AI at a tech conference.

He talked about the quick growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and electric cars.

He made the shocking prediction that we might soon run short on electricity and the equipment needed to use it, like transformers.

We thought he meant Optimus Prime too

Musk explained that AI is growing incredibly fast, much quicker than anything he's seen before.

This fast growth could lead to shortages in key parts, like chips and then transformers, essential for AI's electricity needs.

Next up, he predicts, will be a shortage of electricity itself, as both AI and electric cars demand more and more power.

He highlighted the need for a big push towards clean energy to keep up with these advancements.

Musk's main point: we're at the start of the biggest tech revolution ever, which brings both excitement and challenges.

Clean energy the solution?

musk stressed the importance of preparing for the future by boosting our clean energy resources and electrical infrastructure.

This is critical to prevent potential electricity shortages as the demand from AI and electric cars continues to grow.

Our View:

Time to finally buy those solar panels.

Is Musk right to sound the alarm?

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Some Trump supporters are using AI to make fake images that show black people supporting Trump, to create the narrative he is more people than he really is with ethnic minorities in the country.

While Trump has tried to get black voters on his side, his campaign is not responsible for these images, they are the work of individuals.

People in the US, including a team from a conservative radio show in Florida, have been making and sharing these fake photos.

They've made images like one of Trump with black women at a party, which look real until you notice small mistakes.

And while we Mindstreamers are AI-savvy, your grandma has never heard of Midjourney. These mistakes are far harder to spot if you aren’t looking for them.

These creators say they're just telling stories, not claiming the images are true.

Deepfakes are one deep rabbit hole

This use of AI to create false images is a concern because it could trick people.

It's part of a bigger issue of misleading information affecting elections.

Experts are worried about both American-made fakes and possible interference from other countries in the 2024 election.

They say everyone, especially those with many followers on social media, needs to be careful not to spread false information.

Overall, fake images are becoming a new tool for misleading people in politics.

It’s important for both social media users and companies to fight against this misinformation.

Our View:

Better we say nothing about this one…

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