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OpenAI has replied to Elon Musk's lawsuit, pointing out that they have different plans for the company's future.

A blog from OpenAI mentions that Musk wanted more control over OpenAI.

Even suggested combining it with his company, Tesla, or becoming its main leader.

However, OpenAI's founders didn't agree because they wanted to stay true to their original goal of being a non-profit focused on good causes.

The main issue is about OpenAI deciding to become a company that aims to make profits.

Feud of the century?

Musk thinks this decision has moved OpenAI away from helping people and has brought it too close to Microsoft, focusing on making money.

Musk also thinks this breaks some original promises, but the details of those promises haven't been shared.

OpenAI hasn't gone into detail about these issues on their blog but has said that they don't agree with Musk's view of what they're doing.

Especially vis-a-vis his problems with their Microsoft partnership and not sharing all their AI tech freely.

OpenAI believes they are still working towards their mission carefully, making sure what they do is safe and good for society.

Basically, this disagreement stems from Musk's desire for AI technology to be freely available to everyone.

On the other hand, OpenAI opts for a route that involves maintaining a degree of control and collaborating with select partners, ensuring progress is made safely and thoughtfully.

Our View:

Seems like even the future of AI isn't immune to good old-fashioned billionaire drama.

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Perplexity AI, a rising AI search firm, is about to close a funding deal that will boost its value to $1 billion, making it a 'unicorn' company.

This news comes from The Wall Street Journal and represents a big increase from its $520 million value just two months back.

This comes after they raised $73.6 million in a Series B round with big names like Nvidia and Jeff Bezos involved.

This quick jump in value reflects the strong interest in AI from investors. Other AI companies have also seen big investments recently.

Lambda, an AI cloud company from San Jose, raised $320 million, reaching a $1.5 billion valuation.

Sierra, which works on conversational AI, brought in $110 million, almost hitting a $1 billion valuation.

In China, Moonshot AI raised over $1 billion, showing that this AI investment trend is global.

Perplexity AI started with a $25.6 million Series A funding last March and has quickly gained investor attention, with revenues surpassing $10 million a year.

The company aims to change how we search the web by offering straightforward AI-generated answers without the usual ads and SEO content.

This approach challenges the dominance of big players like Google in the search engine space.

In short, Perplexity AI is growing fast, and the strong interest in investing in AI shows how active this area is.

This also shows that investors are ready to support new ideas that make our online experiences better.

Our View:

This is like AI Whacky Races!

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