Musk turned down OpenAI shares

+ Trump's Dad revived with AI

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Elon Musk doing Elon things because it wouldn’t be Elon if he didn’t.

Also, Trump’s dad was revived with AI…

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Elon Musk said he passed on the chance to own part of OpenAI due to ethical worries.

The non-profit promise

Together with Sam Altman, they set up OpenAI on a promise to use $1 billion for AI that benefits everyone.

The company was initially a non-profit research lab, but Microsoft’s big investment led OpenAI to pivot to a “capped profit” model, in an attempt to balance commercial viability and non-profit research.

Musk questioned how OpenAI was organised but didn't go into details about the shares he was offered.

No info on when or how many shares were involved was given.

A classic Musk move

OpenAI's estimated value recently jumped to $80 billion after a deal let employees sell their shares, underlining the AI sector's growth.

The general public can’t buy shares though, as the company isn’t public.

Musk left OpenAI in 2018 to sidestep possible clashes with Tesla's AI projects and due to not agreeing with OpenAI's direction.

He's been critical of OpenAI's move towards profit with Microsoft, straying from the non-profit goal he had in mind.

Last year, Musk dove back into AI, launching a new company and a chatbot challenging OpenAI's ChatGPT, staying active in AI progress.

He also regularly “beefs” with Altman on Twitter - clearly his ego has been hurt by the whole saga.

Our View:

Musk just wants the credit for OpenAI - but how involved was he really?

Which Musk move has you watching the AI space like a season finale?

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A group called The Lincoln Project, known for its moderate conservative stance, has created a buzz with an AI-generated video.

It shows Donald Trump's late father, Fred Trump, criticising his son with some harsh words…

The shocking video

This isn't just any criticism; it's a blunt, direct message, calling Trump a "fool" and a "joke".

Keep in mind that Fred Trump passed away in 1999, so this video is a pure fabrication.

The Lincoln Project's aim is to prevent Trump's comeback in the 2024 election.

They label themselves as a "pro-democracy organization".

This video is part of their strategy, complete with a disclaimer noting its AI-generated nature.

Not AI’s first rodeo…

Remember Ron DeSantis's campaign video with Trump and Anthony Fauci? That was AI-generated too, but it lacked a clear disclaimer.

In New Hampshire, AI-generated robocalls mimicked Joe Biden and urged people not to vote.

The FCC is stepping up, banning these AI voices in robocalls.

And Midjourney is mulling over a ban on political images after its technology was used to create misleading images involving Trump and Biden.

As the 2024 election nears, Trump is leading the Republican primaries.

Many are predicting a Trump vs. Biden rematch.

But with AI entering the political arena, the campaign trail is getting a high-tech twist, raising questions about ethics and the impact on democracy.

In short, AI's increasing role in politics is a double-edged sword, it brings new and creative ways to run campaigns but also risks spreading false information.

Our View:

I never thought I’d be having AI arguments with my parents.

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