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  • 😮 Midjourney V6 is INSANE - How to try it!

😮 Midjourney V6 is INSANE - How to try it!

+ Anthropic raising $750M! 💰

Happy Christmas Eve Eve. What? It’s a real thing!

Midjourney V6 is blowing our socks off.

And the Claude makers are rolling in it.

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  • 😮 Midjourney V6 is here and it’s insane!

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Midjourney’s latest update, V6 is finally here and it’s an absolute game-changer!

Midjourney has arguably reclaimed its crown from DALL-E!

But can it do text yet?

YES! This is not a drill!

Midjourney’s new update can finally insert proper text into images!

BUT, I’ve tried it, and the results are similar to DALL-E - there are big inconsistencies.

Here’s a working result when I asked for a Christmas Card with “Merry Christmas

The text is finally correct!! It took a few attempts…

V6 is still in alpha so I expect this to get better.

What else can it do?

You can now interact with the model with more natural prompts like you would with DALL-E.

On top of that, the realism has really stepped up a notch. Photorealistic images look absolutely incredible.

This is the next generation of image gen!

I asked it to make an image of “humans being terrified at Cthulu awakening


Pretty good right?

How to access it now!

Assuming you have a Midjourney subscription, you can access it immediately!

All you need to do is enter “/settings” to your Discord Midjourney Bot, and change the model to V6.

You’re welcome!


Hoping for our art submissions to go up a notch now! Come on guys! Try today’s prompt!


Start your day by trying this prompt in your image generator of choice.

“evil robot santa”

Happy with the result? ⬇️


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Vote below and submit your opinions for a chance to be featured tomorrow!

Are you trying Midjourney V6?

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Yesterday’s Poll:
Would you want to know when you will die?”

Our Reader’s Thoughts

“Knowing would polarize everyone to be either careless or overly careful in their everyday lives.” - Michael D

““Better to know now, so if the answer is a bad one, maybe I can make changes.” - stroboptics


Every Saturday we get you to vote on an image and guess whether it’s a real photo or an AI-generated image. 

It’s Christmas-themed!

Real or AI? You decide! Vote below:

The answer and poll results are revealed in tomorrow’s Mindstream!

Is it a real photo or AI generated?

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Your thoughts are the architects of your reality; build a life of positivity, and you'll create a masterpiece.

Your daily pearl of wisdom from ChatGPT.


Anothropic, makers of everyone’s favourite Claude, are raising $750M!

The huge fundraiser sees the company valued at a staggering $18.4B!

Money money money

The insane new valuation means Anthropic’s value has grown from an estimated $4B to $18B in under a year

Shame we couldn’t buy shares eh?

both Google and Amazon hold significant stakes in the company.

Claude is a highly-ranked competitor to ChatGPT, but it doesn’t mean there can be only one

Daniela Amodei thinks the market is growing so rapidly that there’s plenty of room for multiple players to succeed.

“It’s a really unusual time from a business perspective because there’s just so much demand for large language models and really more demand than the industry can currently provide”

It turns out there is room for two at the top.


Don’t sleep on Claude! It’s so underrated!


Our Daily Image Prompt submitted by Mindstream reader Christine S!

Do you make AI art?
You can send in your artwork and we will feature it, with credit to you.

We get a lot of submissions, but we do look at every single one! So please don’t hesitate to send us your art.


Yes, we’ll be back for some Christmas Eve fun… and get ready for our big Christmas Special on the big day!

Remember to vote in our daily poll if you haven’t already!


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