Microsoft's big copilot upgrade

+ AI knows nothing about voting

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Welcome to Saturday, friends!

Copilot just got an upgrade for spreadsheets and email.

And did you know AI is useless at voting advice?

ALSO, can you tell if our pic is AI or real?

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Microsoft is launching a new upgrade to Copilot, a chatbot designed specifically for Outlook and Excel, that will help finance professionals work more efficiently.

Microsoft wants to make work easier for all departments with specific Copilots.

This new tool will help with tasks like checking differences in data, organising Excel files, and managing emails in Outlook.

Finance bros get their own bot

It'll use data from SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365, with more updates planned for later this year.

Dentsu, a big advertising firm in Japan, plans to use it for finance work.

Microsoft's finance team helped develop it and found it saves a lot of time on usual tasks, turning hours of work into minutes.

This lets employees focus on more important tasks and could help close financial reports faster.

Microsoft says using the new Copilot is optional for their finance team, offering a way to make work more efficient without forcing a change in how things are done.

Our View:

Less work, more time for coffee?

What's the first thing you'd ask your AI finance assistant to do?

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Recent research reveals that popular AI chatbots often get it wrong when asked simple questions about voting, like where to vote or how to register.

This finding comes from a study by the AI Democracy Projects, combining efforts from journalists and researchers.

They tested five leading chatbots and found that these AIs were incorrect about 50% of the time on basic voting questions.

This is worrying because it shows that chatbots can spread misinformation, potentially confusing voters.

Bots can’t even give us fashion advice

For example, the chatbots didn't know the rules about what you can wear to vote in some states, and they often gave wrong locations for polling stations or incorrect voting registration info.

One bot even claimed you could vote by text in California - imagine!

Experts are concerned because these mistakes could mislead voters, making election information seem too complicated and frustrating.

The study checked various chatbots and found that some were more reliable than others, but all had issues with accuracy to some extent.

The researchers categorized the wrong answers into four types: completely inaccurate, potentially harmful, missing important details, or biased.

They also noted that AI companies are trying to improve their chatbots, but there's still a long way to go.

The takeaway is to be careful about trusting chatbots for critical information like voting, highlighting the challenge of making sure AI gives us the right answers, especially when it comes to important stuff like elections.

Our View:

Someone give these bots a crash course on democracy!

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