Microsoft cheating on OpenAI...

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Microsoft is snapping up AI companies like infinity stones.

And Gemini came back from timeout… after its slippery slope.

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Microsoft has recently teamed up with Mistral, a French AI startup valued at €2 billion, in a new partnership.

This collaboration marks another step for Microsoft in the AI sector, following their huge investment in OpenAI over a year ago.

This deal lets Mistral's AI models join Microsoft's Azure, becoming the second to offer a commercial AI model there, after OpenAI.

This move is to help develop and launch advanced AI language models.

Mistral has unveiled a new AI model, Mistral Large, their attempt to rival OpenAI's GPT-4.

However, unlike some of its previous models, Mistral Large won't be open source.

This model has shown promising results, positioning it as a top contender in the AI model market, available through an API.

Users can access Mistral Large either via Mistral’s own European-based infrastructure or through Azure AI services.

Alongside Mistral Large, the company is launching Mistral Small, which promises faster response times, and a new conversational chatbot named Le Chat (meow).

While Mistral has traditionally embraced open-source models, their partnership with Microsoft opens doors to more commercial ventures.

The specifics of Microsoft's investment remain under wraps.

This deal happened as Microsoft's key AI ally, OpenAI, faced some shake-ups, like their CEO, Sam Altman, being briefly fired and then rehired.

Despite issues, Microsoft got a spot on OpenAI's board as a nonvoting observer, letting them see how the group works but not make decisions.

Our View:

Microsoft's on a quest to collect all the Infinity Stones of AI.

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Google is gearing up to bring back an AI feature for creating people's images that was called “too woke”.

Inaccuracies rife

It was paused due to concerns over racial inaccuracies, says DeepMind's Demis Hassabis.

Speaking at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress, he mentioned a quick return is expected for the Gemini AI model's image generator.

Google had halted the feature following feedback about its historical representation issues, aiming for a more cautious approach.

Hassabis highlighted the challenges in developing AI that handles text, images, and photos, underlining the complexity of modern AI systems.

Can Google successfully walk the tightrope of inclusivity and accuracy?

Our View:

All eyes on Google.

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