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Zuck wants to be able to spot AI images. Can he deliver? Have you ever dreamt of reading ancient Greek? Well, now you can, with AI.

And we’ve got a GPT just for you!

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Big developments from Meta! The company is rolling out new tech to spot and tag images made with AI.

This means when scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Threads, you might see a little label on images explaining that the image is AI.

Meta's been labelling AI-made images from their systems for a while now.

But they want to up their game and get the whole industry on board to fight AI fakery.

Sir Nick Clegg, a top Meta executive, wrote in a blog that they're planning to expand this labelling soon.

He admitted the tech isn't perfect yet, but Meta hopes to push other companies to join in too.

But hold up!

AI expert Prof Soheil Feizi thinks these detection tools might not be foolproof.

He says sneaky tricks could get around them easily, making it hard to catch all the fake images out there.

On top of that, Meta's new tech won't work on audio and video.

So, they're asking users to label their posts instead (good luck with that).

If users don't play by the rules, there might be penalties coming their way… but they haven't said what. How intimidating!

The company's own Oversight Board, which is independent from Meta itself and keeps an eye on things, criticised the company’s approach as "incoherent" and suggested some changes.

Recently, there was outrage over a fake video of US President Joe Biden.

It didn't break Meta's rules on fake media, even though it showed something that didn't happen.

Sir Nick admitted that Meta's current rules might not cut it anymore in a world where fake content is getting smarter.

They've already made some changes to political ads, requiring them to signal if they've used altered images or video.

So, it looks like Meta's on a mission to keep things real in the digital world.

Our View:

All talk. How can these images possibly be detected? If it’s in the file itself… metadata can easily be wiped by anyone wanting to hide their AI tracks.

What do you think? Will this Meta initiative work or fail?

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Three students won a $700,000 prize by using AI to read a scorched scroll… from 79 AD!

This old scroll was charred during the Mount Vesuvius eruption, the same one that famously wiped out Pompeii.

It's been sitting around for centuries, unreadable and gathering dust in the ruins of Herculaneum.

But thanks to these AI-savvy students, we're finally getting a peek into the past.

The scroll likely belonged to Julius Caesar's father-in-law (you read correctly) and talks about music and food.

Imagine, a snapshot of life from over 2,000 years ago!

Experts are buzzing about this breakthrough, calling it a "revolution" in Greek philosophy.

The writing style hints that it might be the work of Philodemus, a Greek philosopher influenced by Epicurus.

He might've even lived in Herculaneum back in the day.

Preserved by the eruption

In the 18th century, people stumbled upon hundreds of these scrolls in a villa's library.

But they were so badly damaged by the volcanic blast that they fell apart at the slightest touch.

It seemed as if the same heat that destroyed them also preserved them.

Last year, a brilliant team led by Dr. Brent Seales figured out how to scan and unroll these fragile scrolls using high-tech CT scans.

But there was a hitch – the ink was so faded, it blended right into the paper.

That's when these three students stepped in with their genius idea.

Instead of diving into philosophy, they turned to AI.

Youssef, Luke, and Julian built a smart AI model that could pick out the letters using pattern recognition.

Incredible results

The AI has deciphered over 2,000 Greek characters so far, revealing details about life in ancient times.

It's like unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge, one character at a time.

Now, they're aiming to decode even more of these scrolls, hoping to unravel 90% of them by the end of the year.

Our View:

Man, now I want to play some Rome: Total War.

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