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Hey there Mindstreamers! Happy Monday!

Facebook is coming out with an AI that your mom might not like.

Would you jam to a song written by a bot?

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Meta is investing money into tech to make its AI better, focusing on improving how videos are recommended to users.

At a tech conference, Tom Alison revealed Meta's plan to employ a smart AI system by 2026.

This system aims to strengthen video and feed suggestions across its platforms, including Facebook.

This means they're trying to use one smart system for everything, which could make video suggestions more interesting and quicker to respond.

Before, Meta used different AI systems for each feature, like videos or group posts.

Meta's AI learns to recommend videos you don't hate

Now, they're moving to use one big AI system that learns from data better, aiming to make suggestions more relevant.

This change has already made people watch more videos on Facebook, showing it's working well.

Meta is also working on AI for things like digital helpers and better chat options.

This shows they're really focused on using new AI to make using their platforms better for everyone.

Our View:

Let's just hope it doesn't recommend that embarrassing childhood photo to your boss again.

How excited are you about Meta's fancy new AI for videos?

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Guy Chambers, famous for his work with Robbie Williams, has voiced concerns about the quick adoption of AI in music production.

He foresees albums possibly indicating if they are fully human-made, spotlighting AI's growing talent in crafting music and lyrics.

This progress in AI raises questions about the role of traditional songwriting.

Chambers shared insights at a talk to apprentices at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies, emphasising the mixed implications of AI in music.

The songwriting smackdown!

While acknowledging AI's benefits in improving creativity and streamlining production, he also warned of its potential dangers, such as fostering laziness among musicians.

His advice to aspiring artists is to remain versatile and develop a broad set of skills to navigate the evolving landscape.

The music industry, like YouTube with its AI DreamTrack, is tapping into AI's creative power, stressing it strengthens, not replaces, human creativity.

However, debates over AI's impact on true artistry and the call for regulations to ensure its ethical use are intensifying.

As AI integrates into music, artists and industry figures seek to harmonise tech innovation with keeping art's human essence.

Our View:

Sure, AI can write catchy tunes, but can it write a song that makes me cry in the shower yet?

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