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+ teen beats AI at maths!

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What’s in store:

  • Meta and Apple: AI power play in the making.

  • Teen triumphs over AI in global math showdown.

  • Around the web: Twitch banned Dr Disrespect in 2020 for allegedly messaging a minor, as revealed by former employees.

  • Guidde makes creating documentation easy!

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Meta Platforms is exploring integrating its generative AI model with Apple's newly announced iPhone AI system, according to the latest reports.

This move aligns with Apple's strategy to incorporate AI technology from various companies, including a potential collaboration with long-time partner Google.

Apple is also considering partnerships with AI companies in regions like China, where Microsoft's OpenAI chatbot, ChatGPT, is banned.

Here’s what they’re up to:

  • Meta and Apple are discussing integrating generative AI into Apple's AI system.

  • Apple is exploring AI partnerships globally, including in regions like China.

  • Apple's AI strategy focuses on integrating technology across apps and prioritising privacy.

Claude, too?

AI startup Anthropic is also in talks with Apple to integrate its generative AI into Apple Intelligence.

Similarly, AI search startup Perplexity has been discussing its technology with Apple.

Meta and Anthropic have not commented, and Apple has not responded.

These discussions are still in the preliminary stages and could change.

The deals could significantly broaden the distribution of AI products, though the financial implications remain uncertain.

Apple recently unveiled its AI strategy, which includes integrating new Apple Intelligence technology across its apps, such as Siri, and incorporating ChatGPT.

Apple aims to differentiate itself from competitors Microsoft and Google by emphasising privacy in its features.

Apple wants all the AI.

Which AI is the best fit for Apple?

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A 17-year-old from China, Jiang Ping, stunned the world by outperforming AI and students from top universities like MIT, Stanford, and Princeton in a prestigious math contest.

Despite her humble background at a vocational school, Jiang secured 12th place in the Alibaba Global Math Competition qualifying round, making her one of the 801 global finalists for the final test.

This round included 48 hours of rigorous online testing with multiple-choice and essay questions.

Here’s what happened:

  • Jiang Ping outperformed AI and top university students in a global math competition.

  • Her success came from a vocational school background, making it even more impressive.

  • She plans to continue exploring math alongside her studies in fashion design.

An unlikely victory

Her success has garnered significant support, with a social media hashtag about her amassing 17 million views.

Jiang's passion for math, despite studying fashion design, has earned her accolades from universities and admiration from the public.

The final results will be announced in August, with winners receiving up to $30,000.

Jiang said that working on advanced math “brings out my desire to explore.”

Her unexpected victory has led to fans visiting her parents’ home with gifts and shopping malls displaying her pictures.

She also outperformed her own teacher, who encouraged her to join the competition.

Though math is a hobby for Jiang, she currently aims to study at a good university.

She explained that while fashion design is her plan A, math is her plan B, which she hopes will also be recognised.

The competition, open to all math enthusiasts, allowed AI teams for the first time this year, but none qualified for the finals.

Jiang's journey proves that with passion and determination, anyone can achieve greatness, regardless of their background.

Looks like AI still has some homework to do.

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