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  • ⚽️ Messi signs AI deal!

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In a week where Hollywood went on strike due to concerns over AI taking their jobs - another person showed their enthusiasm for deepfakes… Messi.

While some are panicking that AI deepfakes will end their careers, others are seeing it as an easy payday - including the football GOAT!

Messi has signed a groundbreaking deal which allows his image to be used for deepfakes to send fans personal messages in different languages.

It’s Messi! Talking to me! But not really

A cool idea, I guess, although It feels a bit like one of those lookalikes that tries to charge you for photos with them outside the stadium.

Sports stars are probably the ideal candidates to cash in on deepfakes, because until AI can smash one in from 25 yards, they have nothing to worry about.


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Aspect ratio.

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A group of Redditors successfully laid a trap for an AI news website which was seemingly stealing their content and automatically uploading it in article form.

Suspicions had been raised as the same author was posting up to 14 articles a day.

“The Portal” was a supposed gaming news website that promoted an e-sports company. However, Redditors realised it was taking their posts, adding nonsense and regurgitating it as news.

They decided to test their theory by working together and laying a trap for the AI. A post went out detailing a “new character” called Glorbo in World of Warcraft, as well as some of his unusual items, quests and abilities. Of course, it was all made up.

Lo and behold, just a few hours later it was posted as news on The Portal website!

After much pointing and laughing ensued, the website nuked the post and then removed all World of Warcraft content.

In a bizarre inception-style twist, the story then got picked up by the same AI and posted as another story on the website!


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