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WOOO! Friday’s here. Let’s make our brains bigger with some AI juice.

It’s all about Google today. Were they hiding Gemma all along? And Gemini is being blasted for historical inaccuracies.

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Google has launched Gemma, a new set of AI models, changing its usual approach by sharing these models openly.

There are two versions of Gemma: a powerful one for big projects and a smaller, cheaper one for making apps.

Google, known for its AI research, is bridging the gap with OpenAI and Microsoft by promoting open AI collaboration.

Gemma is part of Google's effort to get more developers involved and speed up innovation in AI.

Google’s Gemma gambit

The company is addressing critiques about falling behind in AI innovation by working with Hugging Face and making Gemma work well with Google Cloud.

This makes it easier for developers to use Google's tools and stresses the importance of using AI responsibly to avoid misuse.

Google's Gemma aims to spread AI technology for innovation and ethical use, keeping developers linked to its ecosystem.

Our View:

What’s up with Google and their name choices? Gemini, Gemma. What’s next? Curious George?

Is Gemma Google's master plan or a 'please like us again' campaign?

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In the world of tech, we're seeing a fascinating tension around AI and its portrayal of history.

Google's recent adventures with its Gemini AI tool have sparked quite a bit of chatter.

The goal was noble: diversify the faces in historical images generated by AI.

But, it seems they swung a bit too far, ending up with some eyebrow-raising historical inaccuracies.

Like depicting the US Founding Fathers or Nazi-era soldiers as people of colour.


Good intention, bad outcome

It's an interesting case of perhaps trying too hard to correct long-standing biases in AI, leading Google to say a sheepish sorry for the mix-up.

This whole scenario throws us into the deep end of a pool filled with questions about AI, diversity, and history.

Google rolled out Gemini to compete in image creation but hit a snag over how it handled diversity in these pictures.

Some online critics claimed Google's AI was leaving out white historical figures in its images, sparking intense discussions on representation and bias.

The issue here isn't just about a few wonky images. It's about the ongoing challenge of training AI systems.

These systems learn from vast collections of data, and they've been caught amplifying stereotypes before.

Remember when certain prompts would churn out images that leaned heavily towards representing white males as the epitome of "productive"?

Yep, that's the AI bias gremlin at work, showing how deep-rooted tendencies can sneak into tech.

It’s not as easy as it seems

Despite the flak, there's a consensus that aiming for diversity isn't a bad thing—it's just that the execution needs finesse.

It's tricky; you aim to keep history accurate while also showing today's diverse world without oversimplifying or ignoring past complexities.

Currently, Gemini seems to be treading cautiously, sometimes bowing out from generating images for certain requests.

But it's clear some kinks need ironing out, especially when trying to balance diversity with not rewriting history.

This whole saga highlights a crucial point: navigating the intersection of AI, diversity, and history is a delicate dance.

It's about finding that sweet spot where we can celebrate diversity without losing grip on the factual past.

Google's journey with Gemini is just one chapter in the broader narrative of how we shape tech to reflect a world that honours both diversity and truth.

Our View:

Gemini is like that aunt who insists on knitting you a sweater two sizes too big - good intentions, questionable execution.

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