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Rogue black holes, not anchored by any star or galaxy, roam the universe. These black holes are the result of galaxies colliding, causing the supermassive black holes at their centres to be ejected into space on an endless journey.


  • Delphi’s AI clones are a vision of the future.

  • Microsoft Copilot can write that prompt for you.

  • Around the web: Intel clashes with motherboard manufacturers over BIOS settings for 13th and 14th Gen i9 chips.


Artificial Intelligence has opened up the ability to feed vast amounts of data and information into a language model, making it an expert in anything.

But what if the AI became an expert in… you?

Or at least, the content you’ve poured hundreds of hours into creating.

That’s the mission that Delphi is on - to allow you to create AI clones based on your best content, creating a chatbot version of you that has all of your insights in one easy-to-access place, that anyone can access at any time.

The big idea: scaling your time infinitely

Delphi’s big idea is that creators, thinkers - and anybody with a backlog of content - have a treasure trove of valuable insights in their niche. But this content is separated, and spread across different platforms and formats, and on top of that, older content won’t be favoured by the dreaded algorithm, meaning it is lost in the digital void.

Essentially, this content is going to waste. Delphi solves that. By creating an AI clone that knows everything that you know, through uploading all of your content, you create an expert who can connect with your audience - one that is infinitely scalable and can serve everybody.

Inspired by… Ancient Greece?

Delphi’s inspiration comes from an unexpected source, particularly for a futuristic AI startup - The Ancient Greeks. The story goes like this:

Around the 4th Century BC, the Oracle of Delphi stood revered, a beacon drawing seekers from distant lands in their quest for guidance and foresight.

But while many journeyed to hear the Oracle's cryptic prophecies, Greece’s elites sought a different, more direct wisdom, investing fortunes to secure the brightest minds to directly mould their heirs.

Among these relationships, none shone brighter than Aristotle tutoring young Alexander the Great. For them, wisdom wasn't just in collective prophecies, but in the intimate, tailored guidance that only the elite could afford.

This level of one-to-one insight and personalised relationship was until now the reserve of the very wealthy.

But now, with Delphi, anybody has access to the world’s greatest minds. It’s a noble goal, that seeks to revolutionise and democratise access to knowledge.

Imagine a university physics class where every student can query Einstein directly on his theory of relativity. That’s the future that Delphi envisions.

We made a Mindstream clone

Of course, we had to try it! We built a Mindstream clone that was trained on every edition of our newsletter - that’s over 300 posts!

Curating past news stories into an answer to this question

I asked it some AI-themed questions - about key language models and chatbots. The answer was good - but what’s more impressive is that if you click on the citation - you can see exactly which newsletters it has used to curate the answer - something that most other chatbots fail to do with any kind of consistency.

Citing the sources in this way is what impressed us the most

Next, I wanted to see how good Delphi was at pulling some direct information from our archive, so I asked it for some image prompts, which we include in every edition.

Impressively, it not only pulled an interesting selection of prompts we have featured in the past but also added further context. Although this was just a short demo, our team was impressed at how Delphi would pull information directly from specific sources - and it had no issue parsing the unique format of our newsletter.

It even added extra context

Delphi could be the future - and you can try it for free

Delphi’s ambitious goal is for AI clones to become a regular part of our lives. But you don’t need to be an influencer to create a clone.

Delphi also envisions people creating clones of themselves for personal use, self-reflection, and preserving their personalities and thoughts in an online space.

Whatever the future of AI holds, it is clear the use cases for Delphi are strong.

AI Clones - What would you use yours for?

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On This Day

May 12th 2017- The global "WannaCry" ransomware attack begins, affecting more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries. The attack highlights the growing risks and impacts of cyber-attacks on both public and private sectors.

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Microsoft is set to update its AI-driven assistant, Copilot for Microsoft 365, with a new auto-complete feature that improves AI prompts, making it easier for users to generate effective commands.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • The new features will help users refine AI prompts, turning them into prompt engineers without the need for expert knowledge.

  • The "elaborate your prompt" feature automatically expands simple prompts into more detailed ones, designed to save time and increase productivity.

  • The latest Work Trend Index shows a significant move towards AI adoption in the workplace, with employees using AI to optimise their work processes.

When users start a prompt in Copilot in the coming months, it might suggest adding details to upgrade the task.

For example, typing "summarise" could lead to suggestions to summarise unread emails or other related tasks.

Another update is the "elaborate your prompt" feature.

Easy breezy

This tool will refine user prompts automatically, making them more comprehensive and tailored to the task.

This is especially useful for users who know what result they want but are unsure how to phrase their request optimally.

Moreover, Copilot will soon include a "Catch Up" chat interface, offering a summary of upcoming meetings and highlighting important documents and information to help users prepare.

This feature aims to streamline daily tasks and ensure users are well-prepared for their commitments.

These updates coincide with the release of Microsoft's latest annual Work Trend Index, developed with LinkedIn.

This report draws on data from 31,000 people across 31 countries, LinkedIn's hiring trends, and Microsoft 365 usage statistics, illuminating the expanding role of AI in the workplace.

The findings highlight a trend where employees are increasingly bringing their own AI tools to work, demonstrating a proactive approach to using AI to save time and enhance efficiency.

It’s like having someone whisper in your ear, telling you exactly what to say.

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Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson accuses President Biden of attempting to dismantle the U.S. cryptocurrency industry, citing targeted governmental actions and regulatory strategies.

Microsoft announces a new mobile gaming store launching in July via web browsers, featuring Candy Crush Saga as a key title at launch.

NASA's TIMED spacecraft narrowly avoided a collision with the defunct Russian satellite Cosmos 2221, prompting an urgent alert due to potential debris risks.

Don’t Miss - Intel and motherboard makers like Asus are at odds over BIOS updates for Intel's 13th and 14th Gen i9 chips. While Asus suggests a power-limiting "Intel Baseline Profile" to stabilise these chips, Intel recommends "Intel Default Settings," which optimise power and thermal management based on motherboard capabilities, to avoid underutilizing advanced boards.

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