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How many people are using AI really?

+ Walking just got more fun

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What’s in store:

  • ChatGPT - it turns out not everyone uses it.

  • An App you might not need, but should try.

  • Around the web: "Godzilla Minus One," is streaming on Netflix.

  • ColdIQ is giving Mindstream readers a free guide on AI for sales!

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A recent survey highlighted the potential for AI tools like ChatGPT to become more integrated into daily life, showing that there is still a huge amount of room for adoption.

Researchers from the Reuters Institute and Oxford University surveyed 12,000 people across six countries, including the UK, and found that while only 2% of British respondents use AI tools regularly, there is a growing interest, especially among young adults.

Young adults (18-24 years old) are leading the charge of embracing AI technology.

Dr Richard Fletcher, the report's lead author, notes a "mismatch" between the hype surrounding AI and the current level of public engagement, suggesting ample room for growth.

Generative AI, such as ChatGPT, has garnered significant attention and shows great promise, even if it's not yet part of everyone’s routine internet use.

The study indicates that while opinions on AI's impact are divided, the potential for significant societal change is widely recognised.

Key points from the study include:

  • 30% of UK respondents are unaware of prominent AI tools.

  • Younger people are more open to adopting AI technology.

  • Public perception of AI’s impact is mixed, with sector-specific hopes and concerns.

Is AI living up to the hype?

The survey also found that the majority expect generative AI to have a large impact on society in the next five years, particularly in news, media, and science.

Most respondents believe generative AI will improve their lives, although there are concerns about its broader societal impact.

"People’s hopes and fears for generative AI vary a lot depending on the sector," Dr Fletcher said.

Optimism is higher for AI in science and healthcare, while there is more caution regarding its use in news and journalism, as well as concerns about job security.

This research underscores the need for nuanced discussions about AI, involving all stakeholders, including governments and regulators.

So, all of us AI nerds are still the early adopters. You’re a trendsetter!

Will AI match up to the hype?

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39% said AI…

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Stompers is a new iOS app that turns walking into a fun competition.

Created by designer Soren Iverson, known for his quirky app designs, this app lets users prank and out-walk their friends, with the aim of making you more active.

Users create a Stomper avatar and start walking. As they “race,” they pick up items to hinder or help their friends - yes, it’s like Mario Kart for your dog walk.

Baseball bats knock friends back, bananas might trip or propel them, and rockets can shoot users forward.

The app’s whimsical but highly stylised art, designed by Jim Soper, adds to the fun.

Users can even track steps in quirky ways, like counting how many Danny DeVitos they’ve walked.

Here’s how it works:

  • You create a Stomper avatar and start walking.

  • As you “race,” you can pick up items to hinder or help your friends.

  • Items like baseball bats knock them back, bananas might propel or trip them, and rockets can shoot you forward.

Walking made… fun?

Beyond just steps, Stompers encourages social interaction.

Iverson aims to make fitness a low-effort way to connect with friends, even if it’s just through playful competition.

Despite being just a week old, Iverson and his co-founder Josh Rozin already have big plans for the app.

They’re discussing a potential single-player version, for example.

Both hinted at a broad future for the app, with Rozin saying Stompers has “huge potential beyond fitness.”

Okay, but can we get Strava integration next?


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