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Would you let this AI plan your vacation?

+ AI can't be trusted on Mushrooms!

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We all love sunsets, right? Well, did you know that there’s a place that has two? In the town of Green Flash, Arizona, you can witness a rare "double sunset" due to the unique topography.

As the sun sets behind a distant peak, it reappears briefly in a notch between the mountains before setting again, creating a stunning visual effect.


  • Google out there planning your vacation.

  • Mushroom apps may get you hospitalised.

  • Around the web: 6G coming to your phone soon!

  • Superhuman’s AI has transformed our email game!


This AI plans your entire trip

Google's latest update is revolutionising how we plan trips and shop online, all thanks to cutting-edge AI.

Their new Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature makes vacation planning a breeze.

Imagine getting a custom itinerary for your next trip, complete with suggestions for attractions, restaurants, flights, and places to stay, all pulled together by AI from various online sources.

This service is currently available for English-speaking users in the US who are part of Search Labs.

Want a three-day historical tour of Philadelphia?

Ask SGE, and you'll get a tailor-made plan that can easily be moved to Gmail, Docs, or Maps for quick reference, as reported by TechCrunch.

While you can't book directly through Google yet, this tool is a glimpse into Google's AI-driven future, focusing on making travel planning as straightforward as possible.

Plus, Google Maps is stepping up its game with discovery features to help you find and organise your travel must-sees.

But it's not just about travel. Google is dipping its toes into personalised shopping, offering suggestions for clothes, shoes, and accessories based on your preferences.

Like or dislike items Tinder-style to refine your recommendations, making sure you only see what matches your style.

This feature is aimed at US shoppers using mobile browsers or the Google app, offering a more intuitive and personalised shopping experience.

What you’ll essentially be getting:

  • Bespoke travel itineraries with a click, covering all the must-sees and dos, from flights to food.

  • Navigate the vast ocean of online shopping with AI-powered style picks tailored just for you.

  • The features come with the ease of direct exporting to your Google tools, making life a tad simpler.

Google is tackling the challenge of keeping shopping searches up to date with a billion searches a day, continuously refreshing listings to provide the latest in pricing and availability.

It's all part of Google's strategy to upgrade user experiences with AI, making both travel and shopping more tailored and effortless.

This might be the end of travel bloggers as we know them... but hey, at least we'll have amazing vacations, right?

What are you most excited to try with Google's AI?

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Superhuman was already the fastest email experience in the world, designed to help customers fly through their inboxes twice as fast as before.

We’ve taken it even further with Superhuman AI — an inbox that automatically summarizes email conversations, proactively fixes spelling errors, translates emails into different languages, and even automatically pre-drafts replies for you, all in your own voice and tone.

Superhuman customers save 4 hours every week, and with Superhuman AI, they get an additional hour back to focus on what matters to them.

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Project Management Power-Up

Feeling overwhelmed by project deadlines, team coordination, or task tracking?

USE THIS PROMPT to elevate your project management skills!

“Pretend you're a seasoned project manager and provide me with strategies for effective project planning, setting realistic deadlines, and ensuring team collaboration. Offer insights on utilizing project management tools for task assignment and progress tracking. Additionally, share tips on maintaining clear communication with stakeholders and managing risks to keep projects on track and within budget.”

Nifty Numbers

The popularity of mushroom foraging is growing - but so is a unique problem.

People are relying on AI-powered identification apps to identify their mushrooms - an incredible risk when some mushrooms are deadly poisonous.

A group called Public Citizen found that some folks got really sick from eating mushrooms they thought were okay because an AI app told them so.

North America has about 5,000 types of mushrooms. Some are delicious, some can kill you, and others can make you sick. That’s why you shouldn’t gamble, and if you are foraging, only eat mushrooms that you have identified with 100% certainty.

Although online groups and websites have been useful in teaching people about safe mushroom picking, relying on AI has made things trickier.

These AI apps, even though they sound smart, rely on a single image and comparing to an AI database of other mushrooms. When some mushrooms look similar, the app can’t be sure.

For example, the harmless Straw Mushroom commonly eaten in Asia looks almost identical to the Death Cap - which causes… uh… death.

Plus, even if a mushroom is usually safe to eat, it might not be good if it's gone bad.

Testing showed that the best AI app could only get it right about half the time - how does a 50% chance of death or serious illness sound?

These AI mushroom apps are about as useful as a chocolate teapot for telling safe 'shrooms from deadly doom ones.

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Artwork submitted by Mindstream reader michael s: “An anime-style, space-themed bedroom with colorful posters and figures, featuring a vibrant space view through a window.”

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Sherlock Holmes solving a mystery with L from Death Note

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