🎉 Your job is safe from AI!

+ Fake Biden call is fooling voters... 😬


Happy Thursday! Best day of the week!

AI isn’t going to take our jobs as soon as we thought.

And remember yesterday we spoke about AI fakery for elections? Well, it’s already started…

We’ve got a GPT that makes selling 2nd hand a breeze.

Here is what you need to know about AI today.

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Workers of the world - rejoice!

It turns out replacing humans with AI is far more costly than expected, and this will slow the rate of job replacement, at least according to a new study by MIT.

The study explained

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab sought to quantify the question of not just whether AI will automate human jobs, but when this could happen.

Researchers ended up finding that a vast majority of jobs previously identified as vulnerable to AI are not economically beneficial for employers to automate at this time. You can relax - for now!

One major stat is that only about 23% of the wages paid to humans right now for jobs that could potentially be done by AI tools would be cost-effective for employers to replace with machines right now.

That means in layman’s terms, 76% of jobs that are “at risk” of AI are actually safe, for the time being.

Gradual pace

The study does not claim that these AI replacements will not happen - but does say the change will be much more gradual - which is a relief to lawmakers and employees everywhere.

“It gives us this ability to start being a little more quantitative of how rapidly we expect worker displacement to happen, and that will allow people to start building plans that are much more concrete in terms of the retraining that needs to be done.” Said Neil Thompson, one of the authors.

Our View:

It’s like death by a thousand cuts rather than guillotine, but we’ll take it!

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Remember the warnings about how AI is going to impact all the upcoming elections this year, and in particular the US election?

A fake AI is calling voters and telling them NOT to vote in the upcoming primaries.

What did it say?

The call told voters not to waste their vote in the upcoming primaries (where voters of the parties choose who will run for the presidency).

The fake Biden said that by voting in the primary, you “use up” your vote and cannot vote in the actual election in November - which is obviously complete nonsense:

"It's important that you save your vote for the November election. Voting this Tuesday only enables the Republicans in their quest to elect Donald Trump again. Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday."

The purpose of these calls is to discourage democrats from voting and therefore disrupt the election in favour of the opposition.

The calls are being investigated by the Attorney General’s office. Expect this kind of thing to ramp up.

Our View:

We told you it was coming. Don’t fall this stuff guys…


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