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An Indian politican was revived with AI - what's next?

+ Google bringing AI skills to everyone!

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Picture this: a famous leader, long gone, suddenly reappears at an event, speaking as if they were still alive.

That's precisely what happened with M Karunanidhi, a renowned Indian politician.

AI Necromancy

Using cutting-edge AI technology, a new “speech” was created, praising his son (the current leader) and highlighting party achievements…

Groundbreaking - but straight out of 1984.

Some argue it's similar to using old photos, while others think it’s messed up to give a voice to the dead without their consent.

This trend isn't just in India; it's a global phenomenon, mostly happening in South Asia, where AI is used more politically.

Particularly in Pakistan and Bangladesh which has stirred major controversy.

New age of campaigning?

Despite these ethical concerns, political parties are eager to explore AI for campaign purposes. Surprise surprise…

Yet, experts warn against potential risks, such as spreading misinformation and overwhelming voters with AI-generated messages.

As AI continues to shape political landscapes, there's a need for rules and ethical guidelines to make sure it’s used responsibly.

However, it might already be too late, with major elections coming up this year.

Our View:

Just don’t bring back Thatcher, please.

If you could bring back any historical figure using AI for a political campaign, who would it be?

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Google is making a big effort in Europe to support AI education and training - they're putting 25 million euros into programs to help people learn AI skills.

They want everyone to benefit from AI and be ready for a world where AI is everywhere.

Google unleashing an AI goldmine!

They're also making free online AI courses available in 18 languages and helping social enterprises and nonprofits reach people who need training the most.

Google is picturing a world where we all have AI skills. Remember “Microsoft Office Skills” on your CV? Well, now it’s about AI!

On top of that, Google is investing $1 billion to build an AI data centre near London, highlighting its commitment to the future of AI.

Our View:

Will AI literacy be a Uni course pre-requisite soon? 🙄

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