Humane AI Pin's latest disaster

+ Nvidia overtakes Apple!

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What’s in store:

  • Humane’s AI Pin has another major disaster.

  • Nvidia is officially worth more than Apple.

  • Around the web: Tesla shareholders urged to approve Elon Musk's $56 billion pay package to retain him.

  • Jurny is one of the hottest AI startups!

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Humane, known for its AI Pin wearable device, is in even more trouble with the device.

A stealthy email told users that the charging case that comes with the pin could catch fire due to bad battery cells.

They notably didn’t announce it on social media, trying to avoid more embarrassment after the terrible reviews the device got.

Humane has advised users to immediately stop using the charging case.

Instead of replacements, they’re offering two free months on their subscription. That’s right - they aren’t replacing the case.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Humane announced the charging case that came with the device is a fire safety risk.

  • Despite harsh reviews, they are seeking a sale with an asking price of over $1 billion.

  • They have sold just 10,000 units so far.

Fire hazard much?

This comes shortly after the AI Pin received harsh reviews, with critics calling it “the worst product ever reviewed.”

Despite this, Humane started seeking buyers a week after the reviews, with an asking price of over $1 billion.

HP was approached, among others, but no deal has been agreed yet. It is unclear whether there is any interest, or whether Humane is doomed.

Humane initially seemed promising - founded by former Apple employees Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, it raised $240 million with backing from big names like OpenAI’s Sam Altman and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

However, projected sales of 100,000 units this year fell short, with only 10,000 orders by early April.

Key employees left, and their return policy has frustrated customers.

Humane suggested that the AI Pin is the beginning of an “ambient computing” era, but convincing potential buyers of this vision might be challenging.

So as well as paying all that money up front and a monthly sub, it might burn your house down. Yikes.

Can Humane turn it around?

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This AI company is set to disrupt the $4.1 trillion hospitality industry and is offering you a limited-time opportunity to invest before its round closes on June 18th.

Jurny and its AI platform are purpose-built to automate up to 90% of hotel and short-term rental backend operations, targeting $1 trillion in inefficiencies.

Partnered with industry giants like Airbnb, Vrbo, and Expedia, Jurny’s technology already automates operations for thousands of properties worldwide.

  • 5x customer growth last year alone

  • $12 million raised from top VCs and 1,200+ investors

  • Featured by CNBC Squawk Box, Forbes, Bloomberg, Skift and many others

  • In just six months since its rollout, Jurny's AI has autonomously managed every aspect of guest communications for over 143,000 reservations

You can invest alongside elite VCs…

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Nvidia has surpassed Apple to become the world's second most valuable company.

On Wednesday, Nvidia's market capitalisation reached $3.01 trillion, just edging out Apple's $3 trillion.

Here are some numbers:

  • Nvidia’s market cap is now $3.01 trillion.

  • The company made $14 billion in profit from chip sales.

  • Nvidia holds a 70-95% market share in AI chips.

A rapid rise

Nvidia's H100 chip leads the AI market, driving its market cap growth.

The company hit $1 trillion valuation in May 2023 and soared past $2 trillion by February this year, outpacing both Amazon and Alphabet.

In May, Nvidia reported a $14 billion profit from its chip sales. Now, only Microsoft is ahead with a $3.15 trillion market cap.

Nvidia's stock is over $1,220 per share, with a planned split on June 7th, and they dominate AI accelerators, holding 70-95% market share.

The company plans to release a new AI chip annually, starting with the Blackwell B200 GPU later this year, which could lead to further gains.

AI has a firm grasp on the stock market!


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