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Several major US and international publishers are reportedly teaming up behind the scenes to create a huge lawsuit to slap down on AI companies.

The huge, but unsurprising, revelation comes as creators have complained that AI has been trained on their work without permission.

An example of this is the fact that ChatGPT can summarise pretty much any book you ask - how could it have this knowledge without having analysed the books?

It is possible that they have been trained on web content which already summarised the books - it will be curious to see how this is defended in court, assuming it gets there.

Publishers are also concerned that AI can serve up webpage content without the user needing to visit the relevant website, which will reduce their traffic.

This could be massive. Is this the first major stumbling block for AI?


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Artificial intelligence could revolutionise healthcare and enable everyone to have “a doctor in their pocket”, says Google’s head of health.

Karen DeSalvo said AI would be a tool for doctors and could help support workforce shortage issues and improve the quality of care people are given. It would fill gaps rather than replace doctors, in her opinion.

A recent Google research study analysed how large-language models could answer medical questions, with its own “Med-PaLM” model included in the study.

The models were fed 3,173 of the most common medical questions searched online, and the results showed the Med-PaLM system generated answers on par with answers from clinicians 92.9% of the time.

Answers rated as potentially leading to harmful outcomes occurred at a rate of 5.8%. Not a bad start for AI, but proof more work is needed - for now.

DeSalvo says the ultimate aim of their work is to empower patients as much as possible.


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